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Favorite Male and Female Anime Character?


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My favorite male character is Alphonse Elric from FMA. The whole spirit trapped in the suit of armor schtick is cool as hell and doesn't get used all that much in recent. His character arcs in '03 and Brotherhood are both excellent as well. 

I guess my favorite female character is Tomoko from Watamote. Her sperginess is very relatable, and I have to admit there were times in my life I was just as if not more neurotic about social interaction. Makes me wish more factors outside of DVD sales impacted the chances of shows getting more seasons.

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Agree with @Animedragon for Rin Shima from Yuru Camp as favorite female character spacer.png

Honorable mention to Amelie (Ameri) Azazel from Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun spacer.png


Favorite Male Character: Saichi Sugimoto from Golden Kamuy


For a more detailed explanation


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For a more detailed explanation
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