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The last movie you just recently watched


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I watch Black Panther recently and thought it to be a 8, now let me talk about spoilers:

I can understand what Killmonger was trying to do--but he was trying to do it too fast because the way he wanted to go about it would just change who was the oppressors and who was the oppressed and he failed to see that it isn't about black or white, or rich or poor--you can't judge how good or how bad a person is based on those types of things. It was really sad at the end though where T'Challa took Killmonger to see the sunset as he's dying, it's a shame that it was too late by the time T'Challa realized that he should of shared the technology with people instead of keeping it hidden.


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Robert Pattinson in Good Time (2017)


8.5/10. Robert Pattinson kills it in this. I'm amazed, yet disgusted at his character and the actions he takes. He's pretty much a despicable piece of garbage that gets caught up in his own desperate schemes. Even though it's hard to sympathize with him, you can't help but be interested in following the characters and the environments he goes in. 

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On 3/13/2018 at 5:23 AM, Gotama said:

I've recently finished a Miyazaki movie marathon and so the last movie I've seen is When Marnie Was There.

I saw that one a while ago. I really need to go and rewatch all of the movies too, it's been ages since I watched them initially.


On 3/16/2018 at 7:58 PM, itachi said:



I think thor:ragnarok

That was nice specially halk was so funny 

And strong/:

but i like thor1 and 2 more

It was funny, but it could of benefited from taking itself more seriously in some scenes.

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I just watched the Justice League movie last night.

Honestly I was kind of disappointed, along with anime I'm a huge DC super hero geek. This is a movie I've been waiting for for literally years and... it wasn't all that great. My favorite hero, the Flash, had the least amount of screen time, was made to look like an idiot, couldn't control his powers and literally tripped over his own feet, and was wimpy and weak. They also made Batman super emotional for how Batman is supposed to be. 

I mean, I guess it wasn't AWFUL for someone who isn't more into the DC super hero fandom so I guess I'd recommend it to someone like that but otherwise... nah. 

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