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What was the last thing you bought?

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11 hours ago, Beocat said:

Ummm....last thing I bought was two boxes of frozen pastry strips.  Already got the chicken in the oven roasting and later tonight I plan on making some chicken pastry from the broth.  Yummmmm.....  ^_^

I don't suppose you could share~? (o^.^o)

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I bought a mascara. I can be a girl sometimes.

I can't stop. I buy at least one a day. I'm addicted to caffeine.

Premium ALTER Purple Heart (Hyperdimension Neptunia) arrived. (she can go next to Black Heart - when I figure out the shelving...) 🙃 @SanguineTear

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Two new games (Pokken Tournament & Harvest Moon: Hope of Life), finished paying off another game (Jurassic World Evolution) and started a preorder (Pokemon Let's Go Eevee Limited Edition). Also got blades for my razor, the second Pacific Rim and a complete series of an anime that I forgot the title of (forgive me its 1AM & my Husband is sleeping. I don't feel like turning on the lights & have him come at me like a zombie, biting my head off, lol). I will post the title of it when I wake up (if I can remember to do so).

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On 6/26/2018 at 11:11 PM, AniMeFReaK said:

I also bought a new DVD player. The old one's pretty old and isn't functioning well.

I know the feeling. I remember as a kid I'd get the old and crappy DVD player in my room with a small box TV. I used to open the disc drive blow on it and if that didn't work I'd hit the top of the DVD player until it decided to read the disc. 😆😆


As for the last thing I bought... it was a cotton candy milkshake after work.

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115F yesterday and 95 overnight.  Only 96 today but I finally broke down and bought an air conditioner for the bedroom.   

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I just bought Tales of Berseria to play with my siblings and some awesome red leather high heels (my first pair, btw). 

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3 hours ago, ArchieKun said:

Last thing I naught was a exercise bike and ginger tea. Can't wait to make it.

Can't wait to make the bike or the tea? Kidding~

Last thing I bought was GTA5 for a friend's birthday present. It was our favorite game to play together back on PS3 and since he upgraded his PC recently I figured it would be good times. Turns out I figured correctly, we had an absolute blast~

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The new Lion King movie (4K version)

Two lip scrubs (one is peach flavored and one is cherry)

Two lippies from Makeup Revolution 

A face wash by Clinique

Code Vein (game)

Playstation Plus membership (the 12 month subscription)

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Material for table cloths (uh...for a convention in December.) And animal cracker cookie packets for Halloween...




We had no one knocking on the door...now we have to eat the animal crackers XD BOO-hoo ;) (not serious, I love animal crackers XD)

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  • 11 months later...

Bought a tiny* little computer.  Kind of cute actually, in a NUC-ish sort of way.  Going to put a Ryzen 5 (4-core, 3400G) in there and make it into a set-top box for the den TV.


ASRock Deskmini X300W

*6x6x3 inch, or ~150mm for you people with more sense than the US.

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The last thing I bought hmm...probably groceries!

Soon, I’m hoping to buy some new clothes, I have a desperate need for them, everything I own is falling apart or doesn’t exist!

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