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Your current car vs. your dream car?

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I've had a flurry of vehicles over time , with at least half being of age or older than when I got my licence , and a good amount of them I have either customised or modified


but I like the older stuff it seems to have more character

like if I ever get round to getting an official clock in the house (not one like what I have on the microwave or stove) it be a grandfather clock , and yes a proper one with all the noise and all

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Currently have a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. I'm quite a gear head so I'm doing constant maintenance and some aftermarket mods one her. Her name is Sadie >,<




My dream car is A80/Mk4 Toyota Supra <3<3<3



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@AlphaProxy That is very nice looking for a 2001 model. :angel: You must take great care of her.


I don't know if you can see the resemblance between my cheap current car and dream expensive car but that's definitely why I got it hahaha. Yeah she's my baby. That's an old photo too, she has new headlights and a better wash job now although I drove her to up north last week so she's all dirty again lol

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