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Who is your favorite manga artist????


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I don't know I have a lot, I generally mostly read shoujo and josei, manga. If I have to choose it will possibly be Ikeyamada Go (really love her characters so cute), Yakazawa Ai ( for art and stories love her), Minami Kanan (for Kyou, koi wo hajimemasu), and Enjouji Maki (like her style). For, now I guess always increasing.


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Natsuki Takaya


Agreed. I love her work, such as Tsubasa Wo Motsu Mono, Fruits Basket, Hoshi Wa Utau and Liselotte To Majo No Mori. Why don't they adapt her series' into anime? And also give Fruits Basket a proper anime adaptation?

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Asano Inio and Kitoh Mohiro, my two go-to mangaka.


Asano has some really cynical views about existential crisis that were best reflected in the popular Oyasumi Punpun. A lot of Asano's works actually helped me a lot in my youth when I was dealing with nihilism. The thing to note about his works is that he doesn't just write about how depressing and meaningless life can be, but also shed light on the positive side as well (like "Subarashii Sekai").


As for Kitoh, there are like only two works of his that I like, but they are two of my favorite manga ever: Bokurano and Shadow Star Narutaru. Kitoh is a deconstructionist who spoke on record about how manga had a tendency to tread familiar and formulaic territories, and he wanted to change that. Both of the aforementioned titles went against the expectations of the readers, especially Narutaru with the characters' many cruel fates. In a way, he's very much like the Urobuchi Gen of the manga world.

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Kei Sanbe, I like how he uses dialogues more to cover his lack of drawing skills.

I stand by this, but I have to add two more to the list. This time because of their art. Wakaki Tamiki and Yoshiru Konogi take a bow. These two pages is too much for me. Simpler art than most yet have its own appeal.





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