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What anime are you watching now?


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17 hours ago, Wild Emotion said:

Do you also have Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions?

I've watched it before but it's been a long time. It was on my list to rewatch it and the Pyramid of Light one after I finished watching Battle City again ^^

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39 minutes ago, Wild Emotion said:

Nice! You're way further ahead of me in the series of re-watching it. I'm still on the episode where that little snot Weevil throws Yugi's deck over the boat's edge into the water on the way to Duelist Kingdom. He's always been a jerk. With such an annoying voice. lol

I have been pretty slow re-watching it, sometimes it takes me a couple days before I watch another episode because I get so busy ;-; I can't standddddddd Weevil's voice either lol How long ago did you watch it the first time?

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23 minutes ago, Wild Emotion said:

I can't be sure how old I was, but I know I was a really young kid when I first saw the series back when Kids' WB was still on channel 2. Eventually I bought all 5 seasons after tracking them down. lol Then my folks got me Dark Side of Dimensions for one of these recent Christmases. So, I guess I've pretty much got nearly all that I can of it on DVD and blu-ray. It's one of my all-time favorite shows, even today. Funny thing was, I really thought the ancient Egyptians came up with the game, which really astounded me. Of course, being 35, I know that it has nothing to do with the show, but it's still an interesting backstory for the series. I mean I believed it up until my late 20's, along with the Heart of the Cards. Then again, I'm remarkably gullible. So, maybe that had something to do with it. lol Still one of the coolest concepts I've ever seen in anime though.

How about you? When did you first watch the series?

I was pretty young too, I remember playing it with my friends, we would run around the street with those duel disk toys you could buy at Wal-Mart and the tins you used to be able to buy that had Seto or Yugi's cards in them xD I remember always rushing home though to watch Yu-Gi-Oh on WB ~ miss those times lol

I just recently bought like 5 of the Battle City DVD's but not to watch really I just wanted to start collecting Yu-Gi-Oh stuff, Yu-Gi-Oh is on Hulu and that's where I've been watching it at. I bought several Yugi plushies, some acrylic stands and some Funko Pops too ;D

Watch Yu-Gi-Oh though really made me interested in Egypt when I was little and I kinda wanted to grow up to be an Egyptologist it had such an effect on my life. And I STILL believe in the heart of the cards XD I don't care if it's real or not lollll 

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12 hours ago, Wild Emotion said:

I didn't have any real friends as a kid, so I just collected the cards because I thought they looked pretty sweet. Except the Zombies! Zombies creep me out, no matter where they come from. lol But the WB definitely had some good shows.

I'd love to get a plushy of a Yugioh character! Or Duel Monster. Like a cute little Kuriboh! Oh my God, that'd be AWESOME!!! Though I don't know what an acrylic stand is, or what a funko pop is. I'm actually unaware of a lot of things that I just don't seem to have the knowledge of. Those 2 being a couple of good examples. I'd love to hear what they are though!

One time I asked mom to get me an Ancient Egyptian mythology book, and she actually did. I like mythology, and I was fascinated with Ancient Egypt. I still believe in the heart of the cards, but I just don't think I'm as open about me believing in it as I used to be. Some people can be really mean. Did you ever realize your dream of being an Egyptologist?

I DON'T LIKE ZOMBIESSS EITHER, zombie cards don't really bother me but like, zombie movies~

Omg I actually saw a Kuriboh plushie on a selling app a couple days ago that someone is listing for only $25 + $4 shipping and I was so tempted to buy it, I have it bookmarked but I'm not sure if I want to buy another plushie yet. An Acrylic stand is like a hard plastic thing that stands up, has an image of the character on it and you can sit it on your desk or something (I'm bad at describing things). And Funko pops are like these cute plastic collectable things that they have of like anime characters, movie characters, real people, etc. I'm going to post them on the anime merch thread later actually. 

I was too, as a kid I got a bunch of books on Egypt at the library because of Yu-Gi-Oh + The Mummy movies made me really interested. People are mean, but I just don't care what anyone thinks about things I like anymore. And no, I ended up studying Marine Biology so I get to play with sharks instead of hot ancient Egyptian pharaohs who inhabit puzzle boxes :( LOL

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1 hour ago, Wild Emotion said:

Right? Something about them is so creepy!

I wish I had an income so I could get stuff like that. But I've got so much stuff as it is that it's really scattered around in an unorganized mess. lol I've never been an orderly person. They sound interesting. I'd definitely like some Funko pop and acrylic stands. ^^ If I could buy 'em. lol

I'm glad I'm not the only one. And that's a good philosophy to take. I think I should reassert my thinking to something along those lines, if not exactly that. Sharks are awesome though!!! Pharaohs with powers are cool, but so are sharks! Next to wolves, they're my favorite animal. Favorite marine animal that is. Wolf is my favorite land animal. But I LOVE sharks!! lol Well, I still think it's something cool to do for a living. ^^

How many times have you re-watched Yugioh?

I have to keep things on shelves and keep them really organized, probably because I'm pretty OCD especially about my anime stuff, acrylic stands and things like that.

It's really easy to say that though, it's an entirely different thing to be able to carry it out, but I try the best I can to ignore people like that. People should just let people enjoy the things they love in a way they love. I LOVE WOLVES TOO! I used to want one as a pet lolll 

This is about my 3rd time rewatching Yu-Gi-Oh I think.. I watched it when I was a kid of course, and then I rewatched 4 or 5  years ago, and now I'm back watching it again.

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I caught up on  Dr stone season 3  and in episode 11  the science camp found platinum in the sands of gold thanks to his Teacher / makeshift dad.

Kohaku locates the treasure left behind by Byakuya.

now  he can help  wake up  his  friend"s and the rest of the world  from  their stone  statute  nap


thanks, Funimation

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I've now finished watching Just Because. At heart it's a high school Slice of Life series centring on five students in their final few months of school as they juggle studying for their entrance exams and sorting out their relationships. The story is, in a way, nothing special but the way the story is told and paced along with its wonderfully detailed artwork and excellent animation makes it a very enjoyable series to watch.
The railway enthusiast in me particularly liked the monorail dangle-way.

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Finally got a chance this summer for the first time in forever to just sit down and see OK, what's everyone saying is the best anime going right now, what's the recent best, all that stuff. It's been way too long since I watched anything period.

I've seen all 5 episodes of Zom 100 to date. Definitely not the kind of show I was expecting to get into, but I'm enjoying the suspense. It's funny how every turn, you think you're safe and the next thing you know, oh bleep, there's zombies here too. But it's working so far.

The other I started was Komi Can't Communicate. I'm only two episodes in, but I was very intrigued by the first episode that I wanted to watch it with my wife and daughter. My daughter particularly has problems in school and other social settings in recent years where she freezes up and doesn't know how to express herself, so I thought this might give her some peace of mind. Again, we're only two episodes in, but we're liking it so far.

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5 hours ago, Bulleje76 said:

@Ohayotakuhave you seen this one? your opinion pls?

Haven’t seen it.

Finished Summer Time Rendering & consider it largely over rated. Now that’s finished, will be focusing on catching up on and/or sampling seasonals. JJK 2 is my favorite overall so far which isn’t really a surprise. Likewise Zom 100 is probably my favorite of the new stuff. I need to resume Sacrificial Princess & the King of Beasts since I really enjoyed the 1st cour. My biggest pleasant surprise of the season is Lvl 1 Demon Lord & One Room Hero which so far has been better in every way than the much more hyped Helck. Also enjoyed the giant cat anime more than I expected, though I’ve only seen the 1st ep so far. Dark Gathering being the biggest disappointment (just dropped it after 6 episodes). Plan on bingeing My Happy Marriage once the season is over. Likewise Undead Murder Farce seems to work better watching multiple episodes consecutively instead of trying to follow week to week.

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9 hours ago, Bulleje76 said:

I have a day off so a new anime for me. Will start Charlotte now. i am curious

I've watched it twice*. It's an interesting series with an unusual take on the 'people with special powers' theme. It also has a great ending.


* First time on CR. Then I bought the DVD and watched it on that.

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I've now finished watching After The Rain. My initial thoughts after the first few episodes was that this was a rather lack lustre high school Slice of Life series about a 17 year old 2nd year student with a crush on the 45 year old manager of the restaurant where she works. At first the story goes where you would expect it to go, but as the series goes on it becomes apparent that the, rather one sided, relationship is just a vehicle to progress the real story.
Overall, this was a good series and I'm glad I stayed with it to the final episode.

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Rewatched the entirety of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and the End of Evangelion.

It's credited with many things, such as increase popularization of anime in the west, as well as rejuvenation in an industry that was seeing a downturn in it's production and returns. The show overall continues to receive attention and adoration many years later, with the rebuild movies continuing to build on this large fan base.

It's the show that has mystified itself with it's production and final release, with many misconceptions about Anno's intentions with the final product.The most common one is the End of Evangelion, which many proclaim was a direct response to back lash over the final two episodes. Anno expressed in interviews that the final product was his intention, and was not directly influenced by outside criticizm. Another one is the misconception of the number of death threats that Studio Gainax and Anno received. While there are a couple of emails that express this, the amount of hate directly aimed at Anno and the studio is often very overstated. A famous image of death threats being graffitied on the Gainax studio building was actually from a fringe religious group, and not angry fans. 

While a staple of the medium that receives discussion the world over, enough to warrent arguments of being the most overrated anime of all time, I still highly reccomend this to both those who have never seen it, and to those who have already watched it any number of times. Much of the modern anime landscape continues to be morphed by direct inspiration from this continually relavent masterpiece. 

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4 hours ago, Kleiner said:

Rewatched the entirety of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and the End of Evangelion.

I first saw Neon Genesis Evangelion when it was released on VHS tape and I thought it was the most amazing, original and ground breaking series that I'd seen. I was really impressed with the high quality of the artwork and animation, so when I got the final tape of the series with episodes 25 & 26 on it I was expecting a really high quality finale, what I got was a couple of what looked like animated storyboards. For a series that had had such high quality production values for the previous 24 episodes this was a terrific let down.

When the series was re-released on DVD I bought that as well, but on re-watching the series my opinion of those last two episodes didn't change. For me NGE remains a great and impressive series that was ruined by a bodged ending.

Over the years since NGE's release I've seen many theories proposed as to why those last two episodes were like they were. My own theory is that the story had become so complicated with so many conspiracies within conspiracies that the production team didn't know how to tie it all together and bring the story to a successful conclusion and they were up against a tight deadline to deliver the final episodes, I also suspect that they were running out of money and had no choice but to go with a quick and cheap final two episodes.

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I  have watched toonami

June 24th (Saturday)

12:30a Dr. Stone: New World: Eyes of Science*

1:00a Food Wars! The Fifth Plate: Final Exams

1:30a One Piece: Capture Caesar! General Cannon Blasts!*

2:00a Naruto Shippuden: Leaving the Village*

2:30a My Hero Academia: League of Villains vs. U.A. Students


July 9th (Sunday)

1:00a Dr. Stone: New World: Science Vessel Perseus*

1:30a One Piece: A Touching Reunion! Momonosuke and Kin'emon!*

2:00a Naruto Shippuden: Pursuers*

2:30a My Hero Academia: Katsuki Bakugo: Rising


July 16th (Sunday)

– Dr. Stone: New World Air Order Error

12:30a Dr. Stone: New World: Ray of Despair, Ray of Hope* (Announced as Dr. Stone: New World: Treasure Box*)

1:00a FLCL HD: Fooly Cooly

1:30a One Piece: It's Time to Say Goodbye! Leaving Punk Hazard!*

2:00a Naruto Shippuden: Collision*

2:30a My Hero Academia: The Ones Within Us


July 22nd (Saturday) – Toonami on the Green at Adult Swim Festival 2023


12:00a My Adventures with Superman: Let’s Go to Ivo Tower, You Say*

12:30a Dr. Stone: New World: Treasure Box*

1:00a FLCL HD: Firestarter

1:30a One Piece: The G-5 Wiped Out! Doflamingo's Sudden Attack!*

2:00a Naruto Shippuden: Another Moon*

2:30a My Hero Academia: Dabi's Dance


July 30th (Sunday)

12:30a Dr. Stone: New World: Ray of Despair, Ray of Hope

1:00a FLCL HD: Marquis de Carabas

1:30a One Piece: Intense! Aokiji vs. Doflamingo!*

2:00a Naruto Shippuden: Comrade*

2:30a My Hero Academia: Threads of Hope


August 6th (Sunday)



12:30a Dr. Stone: New World: The Trump Card Aboard the Science Vessel*

1:00a FLCL HD: Full Swing

1:30a One Piece: Caesar Goes Missing! The Pirate Alliance Makes a Sortie!*

2:00a Naruto Shippuden: The Shinobi Unite*

2:30a My Hero Academia: Final Performance


August 13th (Sunday)


12:30a Dr. Stone: New World: Beautiful Science*

1:00a FLCL HD: Brittle Bullet

1:30a One Piece: Luffy Dies at Sea?! The Pirate Alliance Comes Apart!*

2:00a Naruto Shippuden: Rival*

2:30a My Hero Academia: Hellish Hell

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I continued watching Kimi Ni Todoke yesterday!! I took a big break break from watching anime, but I'm starting to get back into it now and I think I'm actually enjoying this series more than I did before.

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I'm currently watching The Aquatope on White Sand, and enjoying it. The series follows the exploits of two 18 year old high school girls as they seek to save the town's aquarium with the help of their friends. So far I've only seen the first six episodes and find that the series has nice artwork and animation and a good cast of characters, it also has nice background music.
Overall I think the style and pacing of the story gives off a vibe very similar to Yuru Camp, which can't be a bad thing.

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8 hours ago, Otaking66lives said:

Haibane Renmei

An excellent series. I've watched it several times, there's a lot of things I've never quite understood about the story, but then I decided that there probably weren't any answers.

Ive reached the halfway point in The Aquatope on White Sand. Episodes 11 and 12 were particularly good, but I really wasn't expecting the ending of episode 12. However, thinking about it it was a very believable ending and probably the only one that would make sense.

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