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Hello and welcome


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I'm AJ aka know as mynameissport who has the disability dyspraxia.


Primarily starting to produce English song covers or fandubs mostly from anime or video games that are obscure or put own spin.


As well I like anime, manga and video games and flexible to different genres and types.


Nice to meet you all and hope to catch up with any of you soon.

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Hello AJ, welcome to Anime Forums.


What are some of your favourite anime titles? :)


Also I had a peek at your YouTube channel and you have some interesting English covers there. So as the producer do you keep the team together and upload the releases? I'm curious what duties are involved in this type of project.

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Thanks for the welcomes and the messages. Will try to make it clear as I can despite having a learning impairment disability in response to the questions being answered.




@Optic -


It is difficult to say what are my 100% favourite anime titles of all time or what I like because I have so many different interests. For 2015, I have enjoyed One Punch Man, Death Parade, Noragami Aragoto and Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans.


Appreciate you checking out my Youtube channel and liking my English covers.


As a Producer it is pretty much a one person army which is myself where I am doing this for fun and enjoyment. I work with various people not the same as it is tricky to get everyone committed to it. Basically what I decide to produce in terms of anime and video game English covers is me alone.


In terms of duties it is all the behind the scenes elements. Some examples include scout casting for talent, liaising with different people who are on the project am working with, sourcing translations, music and instrumentals, designing the video graphic and Youtube thumbnail graphic, undertaking all the producing elements, doing the video editing and encoding, uploading the project on my channel, managing social media platforms and promoting and plugging it.


All the covers I produce I always source from legal sources like buying CDs or downloading them via legal sites such as Itunes Japan.




Like the anime question Optic asked its super difficult to say what manga I like because I have so many different interests. Am currently reading Murada's One Punch Man and the Kodansha Comics Sailor Moon.




Hope this information all helps. Will be hopefully releasing a new English anime song cover pretty soon if things work out.

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