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Introducing myself and horror film discussion

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Hey guys.

I'm really new to the site so I thought I'd introduce myself.

The names Jack, pleasure to meet y'all.


Horror films have always been a major interest of mine. I like everything from Paranormal Activity (I only watch it when I want to kill brain cells) to giallo such as Deep Red. What's your favourite horror film or anime? I'd have to say my favourite would be a tie between A Nightmare On Elm Street 3, The Burning, or Terror Train.

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Hello Jack, welcome again to Anime Forums. :)


What's your favourite horror film or anime?

Favourite horror film? For me that would be The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, though I've only seen the 2013 one. That one still makes me feel queasy.


As for anime, Another is a decent anime horror title I enjoyed. Not so much for the gore, but it had good tension.


I hope you enjoy your stay here.


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Texas Chainsaw is awesome, but the 2013 version is nothing compared to the original 1970's one.

It's really THAT good? Okay then - looks like that's another title to add to my to watch list. :)

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