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Who is your favorite Ouran high school host club character?

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We all remember the time when we watched or tried watching the host clubs daily endeavors, but who was the character that forced us to continue watching the series in its entirety.


Personally, the twins, Hikaru and Kaoru kept me glued for more.

Their tricks and the times when they pretended to fight kept me laughing but their story as twins allowed me to relate to them as someone who close to my sibilings.


Overall, who is ur favorite host club character?

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Interestingly I was asked this same question not too long ago, by a couple of kids in a bookstore!


I would have to say, answering the title, which states "character", rather than "host", it would be Bossa Nova (RItsu Kasanova), the potential romance with Haruhi, or Renge Houshakouji, given some of her bizarre entrances!


To answer the question on the thread, I think I'll say Haruhi, given how she's the centre of a reverse harem!


I don't think I needed any encouragement to watch the series in the form of characters, I just did!

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