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How are you feeling right now?


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After waking up felt slightly tired still my thoughts were all over thinking about my dream I just had. It was sorta odd and maybe bothersome to me on how to describe it. However I'm starting to feel more confident and motivated this morning so my productivity will be good I think today. I can finally get more cleaning and cooking done that I'd put off for a while due to a death in my family.  ( Since it's been hard for me to do things like I used to on a regular bases because of my mood and the situation ) I can now get back into my routine of things now !~ :yum: 

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31 minutes ago, SanguineTear said:

Just had the most terrifying drive of my life because most of the people on the road didn't seem to understand how vehicles work on snow and ice.

Sounds like LA.  People around here have no idea how physics works.

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TFW you get a message that the developers have scheduled a meeting with you so that you can explain to them how the system works.  I'm in operations.  Shouldn't they be explaining to me how this stuff works??

Well, at least they can't say I'm doing it wrong.  :) 

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On 3/1/2019 at 4:23 AM, HanaApril said:

@ArchieKun I have yet to see that movie myself yet, hopefully sometime I will. Though I'm glad you had a nice time seeing it. 

It was an awesome movie very much worth it.

Right now I am feeling good just relaxing taking it easy. 

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