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How are you feeling right now?


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Tired & completely unmotivated to clean my yard - it feels like every mosquito on earth lives here 😭

1 hour ago, Ohiotaku said:

Like today is gonna be one of those days when Claritin isn’t going to do enough against my allergies. Unfortunately I can’t take Benadryl and work.  - _- zzz

Have you tried any natural remedies? There’s stinging nettle that’s supposed to be good allergy relief. But I’m not sure if you can take it with Claritin 

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Not really. Nature seems to be what’s trying to kill me :lol: I’ll look into it though.

A daily Claritin seems to keep things under control most of the time while allowing me to remain functional, but seems like there’s always a couple days out of the year when it isn’t enough, though I never seem to be able to predict it


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Pretty pissed off right now. You think after helping one of your family members for months, they would just some gratitude.  Then my dads girlfriend just don't like anyone, including me.  I really have no future here helping him, and who knows how long he has to live. They think everyone has some agenda out to get them. I'm really sick of both of them.  Well now if anyone knows if I become homeless they'll know what happened to me. Its just really hard to find a room mate here that isn't completely out of their mind. 

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Great job seeking the help you need @Wedgy I went through a tough first couple of years in my marriage and had to get some counseling and therapy for it so that I could process. Sometimes just being able to talk your issues through to someone and feel validated goes a long way. 

Today im having a good day, just physically tired. The heat takes it out of me 😭 I’ve got a desire to get things done, but my tank is all on E. Guilt is helping haha. If I don’t get my butt out of the house and face the heat, we won’t have groceries and dishwasher tablets... 

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2 hours ago, Seshi said:

That’s cool what did you guys do 

Mostly just chilled, and did little bday shopping. Also watched dbz for the hell of it/

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7 hours ago, VampireKnight19 said:

Pretty tired today.

I had a tired day Monday.. I didn’t get anything done.. my legs were so sore and I was pretty dehydrated from the beach.. I always forget how much energy swimming in the ocean/ sun can take out of you. 

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54 minutes ago, ArchieKun said:

Feeling great just got off work and ate some waffles for dinner.

I'm glad you had a good day 😊 I've got to question your dinner choices 😂

We just got done at the Golden Corral. Lilly got to put some strawberries through the chocolate fountain ^_^ it was nice. 

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