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What do you think of anime cups?

Would you get an anime cup or mug?  

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  1. 1. Would you get an anime cup or mug?

    • Yes!
    • Already have one!
    • No! It's pointless.
    • Not for me, but I know someone that would!

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Imagine yourself making a nice cup of tea or coffee. Why limit yourself to an ordinary cup when you can have one of your favourite anime character or series...

Our collection so far:


The thing with cups is, they generally last a very long time - assuming you don't break them. >_< And they're bulky. But probably the most useful of all anime merchandise. ;)

As for brands I would recommend the ones by COSPA. Very high quality prints on the cup. The other brands are not great... as evident in the Asterisk War one and Heavy Object. Not very sharp the print.

Would you get an anime cup or mug?

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I should get one. Ill buy one soon enough, but the only cup i have other than normal coffee mugs is a Gumby mug.


I would definitely get one if i found one i liked

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I already have a Juuzou suzya one ^W^


it looks cool, but I would like to get more. In fact, I think that's the only anime thing with Juuzou on it :-/


I need to get more....

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Although not mine, there is an anime mug in our household.... it's an One Piece mug that was given as a gift to my brother from a friend of his. I'd like to have one but tbh I don't really use mugs so it would probs be a waste of space.... :/

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Personally, I don't feel this should be limited to anime. It can count towards anything you're into. For instance, I have a Legend of Zelda mug since I'm such a fan of the franchise and Link.


I also have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles glasses, as I'm a fan of that franchise.

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Man, my initial thought was, "nah, they look cool, but I'd never get one." Thinking about it now though, they don't seem so bad! I mean, I collect tall shot glasses from places/events I've been to (currently have one for Cirque Du Soleil show, Amaluna, and another one for CN Tower in Toronto), and plus two short ones I got for Christmas that I think are awesome (ones says, "White Girl Wasted" and is glittery purple, the other one has the Triforce symbol on it), and I also collect tea sets, and I own a couple DC Superhero cups (no one is allowed to touch the Batman one, that's mine >.>). Plus, none of the cups or mugs in my cupboard match anyway, they're all random!

So maybe I'm not so opposed to anime cups or mugs :P

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