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Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters (2016 Anime)

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5 episodes in and I'm not as hooked as I thought I'd be. It looks like the creators are slowly introducing us to the new cast. Which makes me yank my hair out! lol Just kidding, but I wanna' see Rei Katsura and Asutora in the same episode. Is that too much to ask? Like in 'Adventure' where all seven Digidestined appeared in the pilot episode. 'Appli Monsters,' step your game up!

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You're still ahead of me, at the moment, watched episodes 3 and 4, but thought I'd wait until the subs are out to watch episode 5!


Technically all chosen children didn't feature at the start of Adventure, or at least get whisked away to the Digital World, as Hikari was home, sick! I'd say that each series is different, as I think Savers didn't introduce us to everyone at the start either, I think we only got introduced to Masaru and Yoshino in the first episode!


Been enjoying Appmon, I find it a quite zany series, although I do agree with a comment on the site that I was using to watch those two episodes, about the lack of evolution music being disappointing!


[spoiler=Episode 3]Observations:

  • CG App Fusion - will all App Fusions get the CG treatment, or following the pattern laid out by other Digimon series, it will only just be the main character(s);
  • Castle of Knowledge - the school being a castle reminded of the Persona series, it's been revealed that the school for Persona 5, will be a dungeon in the other world, whilst in Persona 4, there were two castle dungeons;
  • Divine Buster - the beam that shoots out of the Appli Drive to realise an Appmon, reminds me of one of the main attacks used by Takamachi Nanoha (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha), see below;
  • Dragon Quest - Roleplaymon's design reminds me of the Hero and Heroine for Dragon Quest IV, Sage too, to some extent, and the design on his shield kinda looks like the Crest of Courage;
  • Evolutionary Throwback - the fact you now get "failed" evolutions actually reminds me of Negima!?, where you have suka/dud cards;
  • Capture your Heart - Fate/Extra CCC sprung to mind (see below), although I feel there are other series similar to this;
  • Exodia the Forbidden One - Roleplaymon is one of seven Appmon that form/summon a more powerful Appmon, like in Yu-Gi-Oh! (parody image for [email protected]: Cinderella Girls for Kirari Moroboshi and Anzu Futaba, have used this picture, as it was the link I needed to find the actual thing in Yu-Gi-Oh!, so credit where credit's due);
  • Kiriha-2 - Rei displays a cruel personality, similar to Kiriha in the beginning of Xros Wars!






To be honest, probably not the best pictures, for Nanoha, it's before she fires the shot, so you don't get the sheer overkillness of it, and for Fate/Extra CCC, again it's a bit early, you can see Passionlip glowing, but it's before her "heart" reveals itself!



Apparently, according to the Internet, Fantasy Saga is based on Granblue Fantasy -not sure what exact criteria it hits so that it's based on this, and not any other series, but there you go-, and the Healing Fairy is based on Nurse Joy, which is something I didn't notice at first, but thinking about it..., they could be right!


[spoiler=Episode 4]Observations:

  • A Devilish Crossover - the devil "costume" made me think of Yui Yuigahama from Yahare Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru/My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, there's a figure of her in a similar costume, not sure if she wears the costume in the series though;
  • Stepping up a LeveL - Really feeling the power of L (Death Note), with Leviathan communicating to Cameramon via laptop, and an L being on screen;
  • The Last Icon - underneath the series' title, there are six icons, which relate to some of the Appmon categories, and the known Buddies fall into five of those six categories, so now, we have to wonder if an Appmon of the sixth category will be snapped up by the current chosen children, or will one of the potential three take this honour;
  • Know Your Enemy - Haru hits the books to prepare for the inevitable fight against Leviathan, although means he misses meeting up with Ai and everyone, in costume;
  • Cause and effect - damage in the AR field, has effects in the real world, reminds me of X (CLAMP), where a magical barrier would hide anything that took place within it, unless it is broken, by one of two ways;
  • A bit of this, and a bit of that - DoGatchimon has a look of Paildramon in the face, Navimon's pointers as "holsters", and Shoutmon with the V shaped head;
  • Person in black clothes - didn't think Haru had actually seen "the person in black clothes", I didn't even think they were meant to be there, they were just "somewhere", but apparently they were there, on account of being seen by Haru;
  • One unknown, two unknowns - an invisible tentacle steals away Haru's prize, accompanied by a female voice, the owner of the female voice is then revealed towards the end of the episode, along with another unknown female Appmon, possibly!








Not so unknown now, found out their identities by chance, Mienumon and Beautimon, or at least I believe these are the Appmon that featured at the end of the episode!



On my travels across the internet today, I came across this image, relates to the vending machine asking Haru if he wants to "start an adventure", and a similar thing in Frontier!


EDIT: Correction, there are seven Appmon categories with the series' title, the six underneath it, and the seventh (search) as "part" of the title, so two are up for grabs, Haru nearly got hold of one of these, although it was snatched from his grasp!

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I wasn't a fan of the last -tri- movie, that said, you might get a return of "Adult-level Digimon... threat", given the end of the last movie!


Appmon is pretty zany, I'll have to see how far the subs have got at somepoint again :D!

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True, but anything could happen in two (and a half - if same length as last movie) hours, I have a feeling that the start of the movie will probably mirror the start of the series; the partners evolving to save the chosen children from Kuwagamon!

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The 'Universe' series is a bit slow for me. They are entering the Cyber Arena arc next episode. Hopefully, things will pick up in a major way. But for now, it's hard labor watching every episode. Maybe from episode 9 on, we get some real action. And lastly, maybe we'll get to actually see what Lviathan looks like. Let's go, Digimon Universe!! You originally had me at hello!!

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My beard adds ten years "to" my age, well it did when I was younger, I think my actual age might be catching up to my beard "age" now :D!


He probably will, either from the start, or after the chosen children thrown together; I'm thinking that everyone will start off as strangers, and only meet each other, or properly get to know each other after becoming chosen children, and thrown together!

14 episodes in and I'm not really a fan of App Fusion. I wish the TV show would do what Tri did and just have regular Digivolutions. It's too much like Xros Wars! And Appli Monsters is reportedly going to run for 50 episodes. Madness! It did not meet my expectations. New Digimon anime, please!

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