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This one I like because it stresses the importance of doubt





People Should be doubted.


Many people misunderstand this concept.


Doubting people is simply a part of trying to get to know them.




That act is without a doubt a very noble one…


But you know, what many people call trust is actually giving up on trying to understand others.


And that has nothing to do with trust, but is rather apathy…


— Liar Game, Shinichi Akiyama[/Quote]


And this one warns of the dangers of the worst possible state of apathy


I got to see many terrible people inside the giant MLM I once worked to destroy. But the worst of them all were the vast numbers of people in it who really believed they were doing good, when they were actually deceiving others. They hadn't the slightest clue what they were doing, simply because they were trying to avoid picturing just how much pain they were inflicting on others by their actions. Not giving it a single thought, a state of complete apathy. The true evil is becoming apathetic about other people.[/Quote]
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