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Rate the person above you's profile pic


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This simple just rate the profile picture of the person above from 1-10

There is no one above me so...


oh and here's a gif for fun :)


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very good pic, with your name on there and everything. Got a perfect 10 because she is looking foin' and the picture quality is actually really good.

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10/10 its just cuttttttteee

10/10 I love it, It's so cute just like the user who uses it


Oh, look at the time!


*clock face has, in big bold writing "TIME TO STOP" written on the background of it*

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Mm, it's not a bad avatar, but I confess to having a major bias against things done in that chibi-ish style with the massive heads and... yeah ^^;;;


So, while I mean no offense, my personal rating for that avatar would probably be around a 6/10. :(

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Oh yh, it was supposed to be something temporary but I've decided to stick with it for a while, I'll probably change it soon. :)



Would've preferred it with transparent background or something considering AF's going for a bit darker of a theme. It does kinda go with the starry sky with those shades of pink but it still stands out for the wrong reasons tbh. I don't hate it by any means if anything it seems pretty average for someone who didn't watch that particular anime series.

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