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ViVid Strike!; First Impressions / Episode 1 Discussion

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Based on a magical girl manga


Practically no information to be found online


Touching/sad opening scene


Fight scene


Magic powers?


Martial arts chicks voice doesn't match her face (white hair)


Cute Girls and martial arts


Yuri??? Maybe???




Overconfident MC


Awakening at end of episode?


Cool ED song


OK ED animation


Antagonist actually loves protagonist??\


Second ED? maybe first ED was the OP?


Confusing first episode layout



Might be worth watching might not be the most popular anime of the season but might be something good

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Fuuka / Fu-chan, you're so badass. The starting scene of her protecting her childhood Rinne was adorable. I really like Fu-chan!




In fact, Fu-chan is even more badass when she easily brushes off a metal pipe on her head?! :o Because you know head injuries are trivial. :P (or maybe it was her back? angle and quick cut is not clear)




In terms of art, night scenes I felt were done really well and vividly. Especially in the gang fight.




But Nakajima Gym was bright, bland and soft. Though was nice to see Fu-chan quickly skill up in her technique. Other characters are cute but hastily introduced.




Nice eye-catcher though!




Looking at the OP though the ring fights and other scenes look better. Am interested to see Fu-chan get stronger.


Antagonist actually loves protagonist??\

Am also very interested to learn why Rinne and Fu-chan are no longer childhood friends anymore. Why did Rinne change after she got adopted by a rich family? :'(






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Am also very interested to learn why Rinne and Fu-chan are no longer childhood friends anymore. Why did Rinne change after she got adopted by a ri

Well remember that short blip of post-friendship rinne where she is in bed and she says fu-chans name? It hints at she feels bad i think

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Yeah that's right. Though there has to be more to it. So Rinne beats Fu-chan in a match sometime ago and that's it? Even after Fu-chan protected Rinne when they were really young? It just seems like betrayal / being a bad friend for no good reason (yet).




(probably I'm looking too deep into this) :P


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Need to watch this at somepoint, although I should probably finish Vivid first, even though, given there's a time skip, and the fact the manga for Vivid is still on-going, I think, it wouldn't make a difference; behind on Innocent/Innocents too!


When I saw that this series wasn't based on a manga, I actually took umbridge, however the original series and A's aren't based on a manga, nor is StrikerS, although it does have a manga!


I hope the omission of "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha" isn't hinting at a disagreement with Yukari Tamura and King Records which, is something someone on aniDB mentioned!


Especially as that might put Movie 3rd on hold, and I'm personally hoping for a Movie 4th, based on Force!


Although, on the whole, I prefer the original series rather than the movie adaptations, however they are interesting!

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Watched episode one. Fuuka-chan was pretty cool and defiantly a couple good fight scenes.


The story got rushed along pretty fast in this episode I feel. By the end of the episode she had already magically learned some martial arts moves that we didn't get to see and beat who beat her rival already. Will continue and see where it goes.

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