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Batman Begins - Final Fantasy XV

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I created this a year ago -bloody hell, has it been that long?-, from the American feedback relating to the Final Fantasy XV demo, that said that Noctis sounded like Batman, I did a search, and nothing came up, so I decided to make my own video!




There are some improvements I could make, however I would need to complete the video on a better computer!


I also plan, at somepoint, to do a video with audio from trailers to the other Nolan Batman films, and possibly, for a laugh, the 60s Batman series!


When I do make a video featuring the audio of one of trailers for The Dark Knight, you will note I've made reference to the change in actress for Rachel, as this video features Stella, and that video will feature Lunafreya!


Anyway, what do you think, spread the word and all that, and thanks for reading, and or watching :D!


N.B. European feedback in the same study was that Cindy was too objectionalised which, I thought was an interesting comment from Europe, I mean sure, you've got Britain "no sex please, I'm British", but there's the opinion other European countries are more open to that!

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Thanks, the scene with Stella and Noctis (with the dialogue of Rachel and Bruce) could be worked better, for the video to match the dialogue, but as I mentioned, need to do it on a better computer!


At somepoint, as I've said, I might do videos for the other movies in the Nolan Trilogy, I just need the time, and find where I put the videos, or re-download them from GameTrailers, but, last time I was on there, the website was playing up something rotten when using search!

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