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Magical Girl Raising Project; Episode 3 Discussion


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Episode three was pretty good, it touched up on the Nemu thing and revealed the dark secret to the other magical girls.


Near the end of the episode there was a new rule added that let magical girls transfer candies, naturally, Snow White becomes a target by Tama, Swim Swim and the twins (ruler chicks group)


Im expecting a fight to start and the show start to turn into a more action-suspense-esque MG show like Madoka Magika


Episode rating: 9/10


Still a good show

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Episode 4 aired yesterday! Snow white didn't die...someone else did! I'll tell in the ep 4 thread!

Shhh im on vacation, i havent watched it yet! Plus i have to add the poll to this one, please rate it when i add it.

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