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Magical Girl Raising Project; Episode 4 Discussion


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So ill sum up this episode


Ruler is being mean


Flashback to when Mary said mean thing to mean Ruler


Ruler is mad


Ruler plans to to a mean thing


Ruler tries to steal candies


Ruler gets got


End of Ruler


Good riddance


Swim Swim becomes new ruler


Omg thank you Nemu for inspiring Swim Swim


Rip Nemu


Don't Rip Ruler


Futanari kid pledges to Snow White


Long live Snow White


Creepy goth girl says creepy thing


Ending of episode


Conclusion: Very good episode, still going strong.

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Leader is dead......Thank you, really....Calamity Mary is rude AF, at least the bully is gone.


Liking the "death" factor in this anime.

Ruler is dead asf. Swim Swim will become a evil overlord and use tama and the twin angels to kill off the other magical girls

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Wow, this is getting darker. I think I will definitely keep watching this, it was quite a good episode. Clearly Swim-Swim (what a strange name) felt some remorse for her plan in toppling Ruler with her teary eye. Though part of me hopes that Swim-Swim won't brutally target Snow White given the mercy she showed her as part of her plan.


I admit I almost forgot about their non magical girl forms, and it's interesting how we're starting to see more of their normal human forms and backgrounds after initially seeing their debuts in their magical girl forms and avatars.




Twin angels are annoying and I hope Souta is the one to finish them off. @_@ Tama is cute and shy, but clearly clearly sad with what happened to Ruler.


Souta had some pretty badass sword abilities, though his dialogue is still a bit awkward. Yes, we get it. With your pledge you clearly love Snow White / Koyuki!





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