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Im sorry about my absence

Miu Shizuka

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hey all, im sorry about my absence, I have just been very busy and caught up with life. the only time between work and schooling i get off I use to read. So I hope you don't mind me being very rarely on.

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unfortunately we all need to be irl for life so it happens

no one can be here all the time , as Medicuboid's arnt around yet (and I don't think we want to be living in that type of situation either :'( )




but its good to see the forums enjoyable to keep bringing people back

oh and hi as we haven't meet before

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Hey there, I'm new here, so I doubt you know me, I certainly don't know you, but I just wanna say Welcome Back! I understand that people get busy and I'm sure everyone else does too, so don't feel like you're causing trouble for the people here, because I can assure you, you're not. :D

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