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The last thing you ate/drank


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9 hours ago, Zeref said:

Pancakes with ice cream and sprinkles with milk for breakfast. 

Same because we had breakfast together and I skipped lunch and haven't yet ate dinner xD but I do have chili on and should be ready for dinner soon so I will soon be eating that. 

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44 minutes ago, Emotion Flux said:

Do you have a cold?

Somewhat, my stomach didn't feel that great and I had a sore throat for like a day. I feel much better now though. I even had cheese fries today lol 

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14 hours ago, Emotion Flux said:

I'm glad you feel better now. ^^ Do you get sick a lot of the time? It seems like not too long ago you had a cold. ;.;

I had two slices of homemade pizza and a Fresca for a midnight dinner. lol Better late than never, right? ^^;

I have allergies during this time of the year. 

I just had Chicago dogs and soda ~

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I'm eating a chicken sandwich, coke, and some chips right now. 

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