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Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Episode 1 Discussion


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Ok, well this show did not really come at me as a surprise, since I was already surprised by the manga. Show is originally from a light novel and it has a kind of sketchy manga adaptation already. The manga covers the first arc basically.



Alright so what happened in this was that our main hero Subbie got transported to another world. He there finds himself in some trouble with some thugs, but get's saved by our main heroine Seva.....I forgot her name....silver haired girl. YES! I really like silver haired girls ;P. And they ask each other about their origins, and she takes pity in Subbie because she thinks that he doesn't know where he is from and yeah. They also help a lost girl and they low-key (not really) looked like a married couple with a child for a moment.


Towards the end of the episode, is when it get's really dark. This is where the generic-ness is broken and the show reveals it's more darker nature.


And that is where this show is gonna get alot of viewers, at least in the early beginning. I only know what happens in the beginning arc. But that's all I'm gonna say.


BTW, this episode is split into two parts, since White Fox actually planned for episode 1 to be a 50 minute episode. Which is crazy, and actually probably really needs to be since this show, again, is a sleeper. People seriously need to watch this.

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Why is no one discussing the potential anime of the season?

Watched episode 1, was a really great start, credit to White Fox for actually making it a 50-minute episode.


I can tell you that it's going to be dark and well sort of gory, that's how the LN is atleast and I know White Fox doesn't really like to reduce gory-ness, hell they even increase them. *cough* Akame Ga Kill *cough*.

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