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Places you want to visit


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I'll be honest - I have been in Europe at : 

London, Bucharest, Budapest, Crete, Mykonos, Palma de Mallorca, Berlin, Kiev, Barcelona,

I think it's because I'm from the Middle East but i don't really like Europe, first of all its so cold most of the times and I like warm places.

I can say the only places here that I enjoy were Greece (Crete, Mykonos) but it's more for 18-22 ages 

And Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca - was fun but again i can't say i had so much fun - ppl are acting differently from were im from(not in a good way),  and i think comparing to Europe in here parties are way better . And the food is so good like if you see the difference between 5 star in Palma were i have been to 5 star here OMG the difference!


So yea, i don't really like Europe. From here it usually cost 300-500$ for a weekend there so idk if that considering expensive.

and i guess I'm kind of different from anyone here when i go on vacation i do enjoy views and walking the city but i don't go to museums or stuff like that. Mostly, going out, beaches. Shopping.

so my parameters here are completely different!


about the question,

i would like to visit:

USA - going this March and cant wait!

Australia, Thailand, South America, and Mexico ( going there in April)

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  • Japan - For obvious reasons. I'd actually like to travel on foot and experience the whole country, but oh well.
  • Ecuador - I've heard lots of positive things about the place, and they're champions of freedom (mainly regarding deportation) so I might never have to leave once I get there.
  • Cuba - Because of this. I want to experience something different to European ''cold and calculated'' mentality.
  • Italy - I've only been there for a day but it's such a beautiful place with a rich cultural heritage with entire cities resembling museums.
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Mexico, South Africa, and Amsterdam for sure. Also, the rest of Canada. Oh, and probably Japan. 

Honestly, I want to go everywhere. But the first three are really stuck on my mind lately because my boyfriend has been to them and what he’s told me about them really makes me want to go as well. I’ve never travelled :)

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Oooooh lots of lovely places I see!! I personally wish to go to the Netherlands, as well as Australia, London, France, Italy, and Rome. And, frankly, everywhere in between. I also want to go to Denmark and Iceland

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Japan (Anime, Culture and fresh sushi), Egypt (History and the archaeological finds), Ethiopia, UK (Its not Game of Thrones but close enough), Italy (Colosseum, pizza and the people), US and Germany. Its quite expensive to go to all these places as I would have to cross the equator, but its more important to see the world than to read about the world in Wikipedia 9_9

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I plan to do vanlife around the world at some point but gonna start off with Europe. 

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5 hours ago, notEli said:

You live where I've always dreamed of living! 😄

Guessing you saw Ireland then 😂, It's a lovely place especially for tourists and if you stay in the right parts. I'd highly recommend the West of Ireland!  

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