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What do you think of dakimakura (hugging) body pillows?


Would you get a dakimakura (hugging) body pillow?  

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  1. 1. Would you get a dakimakura (hugging) body pillow?

    • Maybe one day...
    • Yes - but only one of my Waifu / Husbando!
    • I already have one!!
    • No - too embarrassing at the moment!
    • Doesn't interest me in the slightest...

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I have a "hugging pillow", but it's not the dirty hentai body-pillow mentioned here. It's just a generic bolster with an ordinary cover, no cute girl. Unfortunately, I've had a habit of sleeping while hugging a pillow since I was a kid. It's kinda embarrassing, but I can't imagine sleeping without something soft hugged against my face. :D

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I actually want one of these, though I don't think that I would want one with a character on it. I have a weird build (legs make up most of my body by far, it looks a bit silly) and I sleep on my side. If I don't have something to sort of hug onto, I end up waking up with my legs and hips hurting (sadly, I cannot always use @zoop for this purpose).


Sooo, I could see myself grabbing one of these sooner or later.

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Oooooooohhhh I wish it was offical aaaaaarrrt, but that....that right there---is ADORABLE. I love it though. I love it, thank you, Frost!

^_^ Not a problem. Official art is always nice but it's still pretty gosh darn cute. <3


I personally wouldn't really get one of these, but if I were to, that one is pretty rad. xD

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