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Pokemon: Favorite Starter


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As an avid Pokemon fan, I've played every Pokemon game released and watched all the episodes of the Anime starting from Kanto region up to the latest one, which is in the Alola region. That being said, one of the biggest factor in every Pokemon game is choosing your starter Pokemon who will be travelling with you from start to finish.


So my fellow Pokefans, my question to you is this: from Gen1 (Kanto) to Gen7 (Alola), who is your favorite starter Pokemon and why?


Mine's Snivy. I'm a huge fan of snakes (in real life) and I just adore grass types. Plus Serperior's overall design for me is just amazing. And regal. And dope.



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For me, it will always be Wartortle, because it's not just my favorite starter Pokemon, but my favorite of all Pokemon. A lot of my favorites don't come from gen 1 but Wartortle is the highlight of that generation. It's elegant because of the ears and and tail, yet still has that aggressive look about it that says it's tough. I've always looked at Wartortle as the Elegant Bad-ass.

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