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Tales of Zestiria the X - S2E03 Discussion

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So in this episode we learned more about Dezel, a wind Seraph that has been with Rose since like... forever. Awwh.




Soo cute!!


Sadly though Sorey is caught up in politics by those afraid of his powers but is able to push forward without hesitation.




Also am really glad to see Alisha is back! Elegant as usual... albeit in an ambush pinch this time... @_@ But touching to see she still has her strong resolve from Sorey.






What did you think of this episode?

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I think it was a solid episode honestly. The way the characters differ from the game really started showing here, especially with Alisha, and I like that about the show. It even gave Rose some interesting character development and the changes of the show are really starting to shine through, It's not just slight changes in the story anymore, it's completely adding to characters roles and stories and I can really appreciate that.

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