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Others vs Me

Evil Bunny of Doom

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So, in case you haven't noticed, I post a lot of those status(es? dunno the plural it's latin -_-) because I think they're fun and the exaggerated comparisons are something I've always enjoyed. Well, here, I'm giving you the chance to submit your own 'others vs me'.


In case you're confused I'll give you an example of something I posted today on my facebook


Other girls: Run into a pole because they're looking at a hot passerby (male or female whatev u like)


Me: Runs into a pole because I was looking at a cute dog


(this has actually hapened to me... more than once... but you can always exaggerate a bit to make it more fun)

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Other friends order a couple slices of pizza.

I convince myself buying a whole pizza is cheaper than buying by the slice and I will save the rest for later.

I end up eating the whole pizza :S

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Others: Hey this band sounds really cool, I'll download a few songs

Me (at least once every couple of months): omg this band sounds so awesome, lemme get all their songs, follow every member on social media, save pics, worship them, cry because I cant go to their concerts, basically let them consume my life... *and when that fateful day comes when my fave member decides to leave the band*.... WHY? WHY HAVE YOU BETRAYED ME IN SUCH A WAY? KILL ME NOW FOR I HAVE NO REASON TO CONTINUE LIVING!!! (*glares at crown the empire*) and that is until I worship someone new XP

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while others be like let's plan a trip/holiday/whatever

whilst I just get bored get in the car go and then call work to organise my time off , end up getting lost side tracked and having heaps of fun

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others (for my area) will go let's take a brake let have a holiday in Bali

me I'd go

ok if we are having a holiday overseas

let's do the Siberian rail trip from china to Russia

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Other girls: OMG the swim club members on Free are so hot, I ship them all to each other and myself. Here's my fanfic.

Me: OMG the catgirls on Nekopara are so adorable, I ship Chocola and Vanilla to each other and me. Here's my fanfic.

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Others: let me just grab this thing

Me: it's on the other side of the room, I'll just sign onto my account and get the online copy instead


but others be yet I have it its put away it that room in that draw under that

me where did I put it , not here , not here either go buy another oh there it is , then loose both next time I'm looking

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