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Does anyone have an anime blog?


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I'm looking for people who have anime blogs not just so that I can follow them and such, but because I had this great idea (in my opinion) for promoting anime blogs. I decided I'd create a monthly magazine via Flipboard which links to as many anime-related blog posts as I can find, which were published in the month of that issue.


Actually, I already started this project, and I've gotten most or second most of my blog views from Flipboard each day. But I know that there are many anime blogs out there which I'm missing.


Besides the blogs in question not being enormously popular already, such as ANN, I have only two rules for these posts:


1. The posts I will flip all have to be anime-related; not light novels, manga, or similar. It must specifically be about anime.

2. They cannot be episode reviews.


Aside from that, quality of the writing and attractiveness will be determined by the reader. If they like it, they'll read it, and if they don't, they won't. It's pretty simple and basically how life works; if it's good, it'll get the most attention.


I think this is also a good way for anime bloggers to meet other people who are doing the same thing, and for new writers to get some constructive criticism that way and improve.


TLDR: Give me your anime blog link, please. xD

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Have you thought about doing this with other things like podcasts and YouTube channels? There might be more of those to sift through than blogs.


As much as I hate to admit it, since many of the people doing YouTube and video podcasts do not seem to take advantage of the video medium, instead doing something that could be have been easily expressed via text or audio alone, I agree that the author should look into focusing on podcasts and YouTube videos would be better.

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No but I am thinking about making one that not only has anime but some of my art videos stuff I like to do and hobbies I do so hopefully ill get that up this summer!

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