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Net Neutrality


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For anyone who lives in the United States, this is a problem we are facing yet again. The removal of free internet. I've talked about it a lot pretty much everywhere I can and I don't want to say the same thing over and over again, so if you live in the US, read that article, then if you feel so inclined, go to gofccyourself.com and click the + Express button on that page and voice your concerns with the FCC. We need to get involved like we did in 2014 and stop the removal of the free internet

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I have seen this happen to a few places where I live and I personally not affected but in the past I have experiences where it was to expensive to buy phones, data, internet so if i was lucky enough to get a phone I would always go around using the free internet to not only check my social media but to contact my parents for rides home or encase I am stuck somewhere so in that view I can see how people getting rid of free wifi is a pain but I can see why they are doing it to. You have to take in there point of view, they are going to internet company's and buying wifi for what maybe 50-60 bucks depending on there area and what company each month for random people who might now buy, or use appropriately for the place giving the wifi and so here is a question for you would you buy wifi for random people to use for what they want whenever or would you either get rid of it completely or put a lock so they cant get in and if they want to use it they have to use the device like a pc at a library automatically hooked to the internet?

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Hi everyone,


Even though I'm in Australia, I do recognise that net neutrality is definitely a issue of concern in the US and something I'm monitoring out of interest. Several of my services are hosted in the US after all, including AF. ;)


But please just leave the US left-wing and right-wing political comparisons out of this discussion and just stick to the events arising from the FCC's actions. We're an anime forum after all - there are better places out there for political discussions.

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This crap always comes out and will hopefully always be shut down. Seems counter-productive anyway since it could interfere with government surveillance on the internet, unless there's a way around that...

Sadly that is not the case. Not enough was done to tell them no so the FCC has passed the notion of putting internet companies into title I and pans to implement it as soon as possible. That said, it won't last long because the government will break it down and reform it if it has to since clearly no one but internet providers and those they pay to support them want this. Of course that probably won't happen until administrations change in the next election, but it might happen as soon as the 2018 house and senate elections, because the chances of a shakeup there are pretty high, and if the message is sent that doing this sort of thing loses whoever does it their jobs, it'll probably kill the idea pretty quickly.

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