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Ask Kirry~!


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Would you change your voice mail/answering machine message to say the following?


"This is [insert your real name], And I only do two things take names and kick butt."

Probably not as I am a groomer, even outside of my company and to have clients hear that may be unprofessional :P

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What type of clothing do you usually wear?

To be honest:

Jeans and crew t-shirts with a plaid button up on top.

Or. Sweatpants or tights with a baggy t-shirt.


I'm not fanceh.


What would you do if you were on Interpol's Most Wanted list?

O-o would probably have to turn myself in cause I'm terrible at hiding.

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Your third round of questions (I'll stop when I run out of ideas)

1) How do you become a moderator?

2) If you were a psychotic killer, what would you do?

3) I'm your stalker. (You know I'm a huge liar, right?)

4) Do you like Justin Bieber? (Me? I hate him, but I love his songs)

5) How would you kill an immortal guy?

6) If you heard that your house was robbed by me, what would you do?

7) Do you wanna kill me?

8) Are you mad at me?

9) Am I boring?

10) You hear a knock on your front door. You look through the peephole and see me standing there with a butcher's knife. What would you do?

(Read this after answering no.10 please. If you break your promise, I'll turn into a neko: I was there with a butcher's knife because I was just there to cut your meat, I'm not a psychotic killer!:angel::angel:)

11) Would you please watch this video and tell me what you think of it?


Thanks in advance!^_^^_^

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