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What in your opinion is one of the most overrated anime series?


There are many really. My top two are:


1. Attack on Titan

2. A Certain Magical Index


Both seem to have such wide appeal, but I do not see how either of them can be any good, especially seeing as the latter is not that great, regardless of medium.

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I hated that series too, A Certain Scientific Railgun was much better IMO :)


And the most underrated series in your own personal opinion?


I cannot really think of any that I particularly liked that was not well liked. Probably go with Silver Spoon, since not many talk about that one.

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Who's one of your favourite movie directors?


Cannot really think of any that I liked, unfortunately. I am not too big into movies these days, but some that are interesting do come from time to time.

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How was The Ancient Magus' Bride movie? Good? :)


It was not bad, but it was just a promotional for the series that will air in October, so I would liked seeing the content as individual episodes, as opposed to being combined together. It did have some things I do not remember being revealed until later in the manga.

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