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Which anime left you with a feeling of crushing disappointment?


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The Devil Is A Part-Timer

So when I first heard the title I was expecting Satan to be a part-timer at being, you know, the devil. When I found out it meant he was a part-timer at Wcdonald's, all of my hope for this anime immediately died. It's clear early on that the show is supposed to be a comedy, yet I ended up watching half of it anyways.
One big flaw this show has is that it doesn't even show him applying for Wcdonald's or anything and instead skips ahead, this is bad because it doesn't allow the audience to see his coming to understand humans and why he had a change of heart.
The other main flaw is EVERYONE making comments about how Emilia loves Maou, which isn't funny the first 50 times they say it and won't be funny the next 50 times they say it. Besides I absolutely despise it when a story tries to convince me that two people that don't get along, go together, and it's actually pretty insulting considering that Maou

cut down Emilia's father.

This has got to be my absolute least favorite ship of all time and since I know they will probably end up together, I'm going to give this title a 0.2 out of 10 instead of the 5.0 I would of given it otherwise.

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I watched The girl who leapt through time anime and felt disappointed in the end of it. I was soooo wanting the second main character to stay with the main girl but they had to part ways and had no choice. Maybe they can reunite but not sure. I loved them both a lot and they liked each other as well. *fan girls sighs of thinking of people in love* <3  I was disappointed and crushed since  since they were so cute them together, It was a really good anime I thought. Will watch it again sometime soon.

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"Crushing feeling of disappointment" would be a very overdramatic way of describing the scenario I have in mind ... but I couldn't help but be a little disappointed at the end of My Hero Academia season 2. Because, I was so excited we would finally get a fluffy filler episode. AND THEN WE DIDN'T. DANG YOU GOOD WRITERS FOR WRITING EFFICIENTLY D:<

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I was quite a bit disappointed with Shigatsu wa kimi no uso / Your lie in april.


Every time they change the animation style to that inane childish crap. When someone is angry eg.....seriously what is that? One scene is totally serious and the next is THAT...It destroyed all emotions it just created....that makes me so angry.... Also I think the ending wasnt staged good. There were no emotions about Kaoris death, except for the letter she wrote. He just played and a flashing Kaori ghost disappeared and that was her death...wow....Kousei should have rushed to hospital afterwards with Tsubaki and Watari and there should have been crying and screaming and breaking down. That would have carried some emotions that couldnt be delivered from Kaori herself anymore. Instead its like oh btw shes dead, too bad. But look now its winter and now spring and now its been a year and Kousei looks QUITE FUCKING HAPPY.....and whats with Tsubaki? That disappointed me. They are all just somehow ok with it

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