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Just took a walk up the street - not too far because the air quality is pretty poor - to see if I could spot the column of smoke from the sort-of-nearby "bobcat" fire.  Fortunately I could not.  (If you can see the column then it is time to start worrying.)  Just a kind of smoky orange haze all over everything...


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The onigiri up top that are completely covered are filled with salted plum & seasoned with bonito & egg seasoning. The ones on the bottom are filled with lemon pepper tuna & seasoned with roasted sesame seeds & seaweed seasoning. I also made some red miso to go on the side. This was super easy & tastes so yummy! Not too bad for my first try :) 

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Looks like they’re finally done with remodeling of the lobby of the building at work..


You can’t see it too well in the pic but the ceiling is kind of trippy.  The ceiling tiles are black and have hundreds of LEDs in them, making the ceiling into a starry sky overhead.  Some of the LEDs are rigged to flash in a sequence that makes it look like a meteor occasionally flashing across the sky.

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