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Rate the Anime above you!

vu duc trong

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If you don't mind, then let me know when you've completed it. :angel:

i'll be sure to whenever i get the chance to finish it :)


6.5/10 pretty good anime, didn't stick out to me though.


Black Bullet

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Hour long episodes are annoying...

Anyways, watched the first episode and I'm not sold, the preview doesn't help either. Is the light novel any better?


Boku No Hero Academia


quoting on an iPad can be annoying, so I'll just quote everything.


I agree that hour-long episodes can be annoying, but the credit sequence for episode 63 does not seem to fit well with a penultimate episode, since it basically seemed to recap things that happened instead of just letting things go on, not to mention that nothing really happened in episode 64.


As for your title, cannot rate, because it is not complete, thus I cannot judge accurately.


Blue Drop

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6.5/10 - Way better than the first, mainly because Erin got less dialog. Sad that Levi wasn't around as much.


Haikyuu!! - everyone's favorite sports Anime.

Um...I dunno about sports anime. I only watched Free! in the sports catalog.

Uta No Prince-sama Maji Love 2000%?

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