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How did everyone feel about this contest? Is it something you would want to do again?

I'd do something similar, yeah. This was fun to participate in, and even more fun to read everyone else's take on :)

Absolutely go for it Kirry, events like this, though particularly only when vaguely uncommon, really bring the community together and is a whole lot of fun :3


You did a really awesome job and I'm glad I got to participate ^_^

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How did everyone feel about this contest? Is it something you would want to do again?


I'm actually all for community events like this, tbh. My irl schedule would make it hard for me to be a participant frequent, but I would love to read what others write as well. It was just as much fun to read the other entries as it was to write my own. (More fun actually, since I didn't have to feel weirdly self-conscious about reading as compared to writing.)

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This is an interesting event idea but admittedly, I would have felt awkward taking part in a love letter contest. Writing something else would be fine though.


Don't worry - this probably isn't going to be a recurring theme. Can't make any promises, though! ;)

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Hi everyone,


So today I finally had the time and right state of mind to respond to this rather... unconventional event @Frost created. I would like to stress that this event was completely unexpected and out of the blue. With no heads up or prior warning, I was surprised when I saw the thread asking for submissions. Then when I started to read the responses after they were published I felt very embarrassed :o and just went on with my usual business. It however became clear that the pressure was rapidly mounting after I realised the magnitude and effort some members had put into their submissions. :blush:


This event was all done in good fun, and despite that, I have to say - at the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your kind words of support. Reading each entry really put a smile on my face. :angel:


I originally created this anime community as a side hobby, but knew it would cost a considerable amount of resources to not only create one but for it to stand out from other anime communities out there.


To be frank, I still feel embarrassed with the attention I was given in this event as this community is really all about you - the members. I'll continue to do my best to make AF a fun and great environment for discussing anime, keeping a great user experience in mind.

(...and also turning everyone into HDN fans)


I know it has not been a perfect ride, but I must stress - EVERY decision I've made has always been in the best long term interests for this community - and I hope you will continue to allow me to continue to develop AF in a way that you and future new members will enjoy for many years to come.




Thank you!

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