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favourite time of day?


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mine would probably have to be night because it's so nice and calm and everyone is asleep so the streets are quite and you can see bats and all the pretty lights out at night it's really nice :)


I mean without a doubt this. My eyes have never liked the light much because of their color and honestly, I've always liked looking at stars.

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I really love 4am~7am and 7pm~11pm. Where I live those are the twilight hours where the sun is rising or setting, so the sky in the morning is pastel pinks, yellows and blues while the evening sky is usually brilliant orange, cyan, and white/light gray (clouds). Bonus in the evening is the sun sets behind the mountains and creates this magnificent halo effect behind them that is a glorious orange/gold/yellow/white. Even with the bonus I would say mornings are my favorite - I love the calm of everything in a sleep state with very few early risers starting to get the energy stirring.

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Lunch time and bed time both bring joy to me!! With food comes joy of tasting flavors that you love with bed time comes the joy of relaxing all the stress you built up throughout the day...

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