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Ask This Weirdo Who Is Obsessed With Anime (aka A First Class Otaku)


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What would your reaction be if dividing by zero really did set people on fire?

Is the fire harmless? Or...sorry master!! I've bee reading too much Rick Riodrians!!! Anyways, I don't divide by zero anymore because mommy says that I'm a big girl now!! Squee!!!:D:D

Hope that was helpful, master!!! *dances around and pushes people playfully*

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Nice sig? Do you draw a lot like, similar stuff?

Um...I draw a lot of anime girls and I color them. Everyone thinks that they're great. Oh, and BTW, I requested for a signature from your new shop. When will it be done? Oh, and please do make sure that it is something I can use all the time even when I'm not going through the dark phase.

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