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Looking for a short series from the 80s or early 90s

MC was a guy. Had a bicycle. Some incident with a rich woman had her throw a bunch of money at him. She later asked for it back, but he had already spent it - paying off loan sharks for some couple being threatened.

There's a scene where he's learning to program on a fake keyboard with a book. No computer.

Eventually gets job with rich woman's programming company. As janitor.

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The scene doesn’t sound familiar but some pink haired vampire girls include Krul Tepes from Seraph of the End Actually the scene sounds a bit like something I seem to remember from Karin

@Wraithkun I also really liked Naruto. I don't know many that are exactly like it but some that are a bit similar might be Hunter x Hunter, maybe Bleach, maybe One Piece, and nowadays Black Clover I w

Hyouka, rokka no yuusha are two that come to mind Ill msg you more if/when I think or come across them..

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44 minutes ago, PonyFlare said:

That is indeed it! Made a gif of the typing on the paper keyboard in response to local gov saying students could learn to code with pen & paper.

Happy to help :) 

At least they’re not making you do it all in your head 😂


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Hello there! :D I'm kind of hoping that you might know something about this anime I've watched when I was a kid. Only thing I remember is a woman (maybe an old lady) on a green floating sphere that looked like a bean. It's not much information, but if someone knows something I would really appreciate it. I would really love to find it. :) Thanks!

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the only thing coming to mind is Fortuneteller Baba from Dragonball (before Z) who would float/fly around on her crystal ball, though I doubt it’s what you’re looking for


It would be helpful if you could give an approximate era (80s, 90s) or the type of artstyle (how realistic or cartoonish)

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