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Classical Music.

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I love classical music because it's just the instruments, the beautiful sound, and the way you tell the story.

Have you ever listened to a bit of classical music and come up with the lyrics yourself? If so, feel free to share your interpretations of classical music pieces in the comments; or, feel free to just post or talk about your favorite classical music pieces.

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I like really classical music, like old timey classical, with ocarina's and flutes and such. I also love nowadays classical music although I don't listen to it much.

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I enjoy pretty much every kind of classical music, if it be older or newer, I find it very beautiful.


I also adored the violin music from the Sherlock show, especially the classical piece Sherlock composed for the wedding.



**A few spoilers for Season 3 of Sherlock**

After listening to the song a few times I tried to figure out lyrics that went with this beautiful yet sad tune ...



^ The song with which these lyrics go.


John Watson, you and I alone

The perfect two, to ever come along

but now you're leaving me, for her

and I am left alone here ...

No, please don't leave me alone

I'm scared to be out on my own

'Cause without you, I can't find me anywhere at all

and it hurts me so much to see you without me by your side, like everyday before she came along ...

I love you enough to let you slip away from me, into the arms of Mary.




I honestly adored this piece because it was so beautiful yet sad at the same time, coming up with these lyrics just made me love it even more.

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I love all music lol. Classical however is my favorite, I can sit and relax all day to the soothing sound. This is why I love Your Lie in April and Kanon.

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