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My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 20 Discussion

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Here's a gist of what happens:

1. Everyone's back from their internships and are as pumped and excited as ever.

2. They all under-go rescue training in groups of 5, super-vised by All Might.

3. All Might talks about One for All's origins, the power of All for One, and the origins of quirks.

4. All Might and All for One fought at one point, and All Might defeated him, but, he was mortally wounded.

5. All for One survived All Might's attack and is planning to transfer his powers to Shigaraki.


With this episode, many questions pertaining to the origin of quirks, why All Might is as powerful as he is, and who is possibly gonna be the main antagonist of the series are answered.

In my opinion, the rescue training scene was added just to have some kind of action, because they didn't want the episode to consist of expository dialogue alone.


The origin of All for One, quirks and One for All wasn't a big mic drop moment for me. It was good to know all these details, but, the information that mattered to me was the existence of All for One.

Knowing that All Might is not gonna live long really got into me. He's one of my favourites in the series. I wonder when he's gonna tell this to Deku, seeing as to how he hesitated to do so this episode.


The animation and the score were good, as usual, and this episode was certainly a vast improvement over the last, which felt like a filler episode(it was still good).


Score: 8.5/10.

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