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Ah... hi?

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Hey. Don't really know what else to say honestly, I'm not that good at being social, or talking to other people, as I stammer and stutter easily, and become a bit loud as I speak, even one of my few real life friends points it out. But hey, I'm sure there's many people here who are just like me here.


I'm a fledgling artist and gamer, and if the above paragraph wasn't that clear, I'm not really that social, I tend to slowly drift away from social forums when I discover or get back into a game. When this happens, I start to feel like talking to other people, even those who are just like me, to be a chore. But I hope this doesn't happen with this one.


As for what games I'm into, they're mostly just Street Fighter, Terraria, Minecraft (Sorry), and too many others to list. But, my current PC can only run Terraria, hope I find others who play it as well. As for anime.. Ehh... I've sort of not watched many recently, but I have been getting into Hellsing, My Hero Academia, and... Monster Musume (Sorry again.) I used to be into one called "MAR" but I honestly don't know what happened to that.


I apologize if this post seems awkwardly written.

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Welcome to the community.


I hope you enjoy your time here.


Also, there is no need to be so hesitant, since many us do not converse too much, which leads people to think we are antisocial, but we are fairly nice. Just relax.

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Hellsing? MINECRAFT??!!! *screams hysterically like a fangirl* OMG!!! I love those too!!

Ahem.I should introduce myself. I'm AniMeFReaK. I'm active at unusual times so if you wanna chat or something, you can always come to my profile page and say hello. I'll immediately start a conversation and chat with you there. I'm active at all unusual times except during Thursday afternoons till Friday evenings. Now I can start screaming like a fangirl again.

AAHHHHH!!!!! Do you like romance too? How about reverse harem? Supernatural? Psychological? Horror? Potatoes? Cakes? Mr. Cake? *goes on blabbering questions like a screaming fangirl* (like I said, I'm weird)

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We love you just the way you are. Welcome.

This actually sounds sweet :)


Welcome Shovelry-chan :D Well, I'm kinda social so I guess I'll just have to fill in the gap between you and me :D And don't worry, people hold connections even if they don't keep in touch all the time :) So I'm sure you'll fit right in :D


Also I don't think your introduction is awkwardly written :) Everyone's Introductioms vary from person to person so don't worry too much :D

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