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The two best Anime Couples "In my Opinion"

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I think the two best Anime couples would have to be Lelouch x C.C and Lawerance X Holo


maybe it’s just because Holo and C.C’s personalities are quite similar and how much they compliment that of Lawerence’s and Lelouch’s



For Code Geass.




C.C while mysterious in a large sense sort of has a predominant role in Lelouch’s thought process.


in Code Geass, you can see how they many times have a sort of debate over his actions. C.C never really giving her own advice simply asking questions and giving vague answers for Lelouch to piece apart and come to his own conclusion. while her goal is for Lelouch to kill her she ends up falling for him due to his charisma and making her Life one worth living.


Her personality is in such a way as to build up and compliment Lelouch’s which is one that no character can really hold a candle to besides Suzaku in complexity.


and throughout all his actions besides vaguely questioning him, she not once ostracizes his decisions or stands against them. while this can be done to her lack of fucks given about Life. I think it can also be because she respects his choices especially since she knows his motives.


Lelouch himself never tries to prod into her background other than by on accident and does not seem to question her actions very much either. though he seems to trust her enough to discuss whats on his mind when he does not even to his closest friends or ally’s


he certainly cares for her enough not to take her code to defeat his Father. and stated to her "you are not alone. we are accomplices if you are a witch I will become a warlock.


all and all they make a great couple.



For Spice&Wolf.




Holo is as equally mysterious in the sense but not for any alterer motive or such she just is. she is quite a tsundere in a sense and very teasing towards Lawerence, she while even though C.C played a sub roll in helping Lelouch’s thought process at times. Holo plays a solid role in Lawerence’s. Lawerence even stated there were a few opportunities he took thanks to Holo he would not have even seen without her help. its thanks to Lawerence’s almost 100% Economic thinking that allows for Holo to fill the void so well. she helps him see things he would not have seen from any other perspective otherwise. Holo while quite teasing of Lawerence sometimes to a cruelty in a way. can take as much as she dishes out and seems to quite welcome it even though she tends to always win.


their personalities are constructed in a way as to build off each other quite well and even the author of Spice&Wolf. Isuna Hasekura stated he tried writing some side stories of Holo with other male character and it just did not work. Holo and Lawerence are just so written as to compliment each other. trying to separate the two is like trying to untangle a ball of twine. it cants really be done unless you cut parts of it off.


Lawerence is just enough analytical as to leave room for Holo’s philosophical nature. that they share the difference in perspective that each takes and builds off of. and due to Lawerence’s kind nature though he can be a bit dense he is truly the right fit for holo whom can come off as sly and a bit mean on the outside she is quite sweet and caring on the inside. and as shown in volume 3 of the light novel she is loyal as well. a wolf.



In Conclusion.



All and all both C.C, Holo, Lawerence, and Lelouch, are quite possibly the best well-written character couples even though the C.C x Lelouch ship is sort of on the back burner in Code Geass, but it’s still very much there. and at least from what I found. trying to find such well-written character's as they is a challenge. especially ones that go quite well together. I mean I am a fan of fanservice and harem as much as the next Otaku but I do like some normal style romance that builds up over time more.


anyhow hope you enjoyed this and if you have a few ships of your own share them in the comments ^_^.


also if you enjoy anime memes and such follow my Tumblr https://seraphsalt.tumblr.com/



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