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I was just curious since this is part of the Japanese culture but this also includes, Korean, Chinese, and other Asian country's as well.  Does anyone here watch Asian dramas? I never really gotten into them before but thought I give it a go and try it out and watch some recently. I really do enjoy them now even though there from another country's entertainment. It's interesting and also entertaining from any TV or Movies anywhere else. Also pretty cool its whats the latest thing there in their country. So just curious if anyone likes watching them as well.

So far I watched: Good Morning Call , Hello My Twenties, season 1 and now on season 2 and lastly Strong Women: Bong Soon.

What are your favorites? 




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Hmm, well I don't watch any foreign television shows but I do really enjoy asian films. Specifically Korean and Japanese. They do dramas really, really well. For the Japanese films I loved; Adrift in Tokyo, Departures, Blue Spring (the 2001 Toshiaki Toyoda film), 9 Souls, Crows Zero and a lot of Takeshi Kitano films.

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