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So lets share some things we have written!

Here Is my favorite short story I have written, Her Face


Her Face




I look at the pencil in my hands and I wonder why I do this to myself. The pencil is green, with yellow dots decorating it. Suddenly, my hand and pencil start to move, as if on their own. They begin to draw a face. A face of a girl they have drawn so many times they no longer need my permission to draw her. They draw her the way she looked the last time I saw her. Her graduation cap is slightly tipped back and her golden hair spills out from underneath it. Her small, delicate mouth is smiling. A wonderful, angelic smile that brings joy to all it falls upon. But it is a smile that never quite reaches her eyes. Her eyes, a beautiful dark green, tell a different story. They have a certain empty, hollow look, yet they are filled with a deep, crushing sorrow. A sorrow that no matter how hard I try, I can never take away.

Finally, my pencil and my hand stop, their drawing complete. They have drawn her face. The same face they draw every day. The same face that I loved and cherished for my entire last year of school. The same face, with the same smile and same eyes that belonged to a girl who laughed and cried with me, went with me to the prom, and was the top of her class. The same face that was taken away from me the day after graduation, by an idiot driving so fast in a blue car that he couldn't stop from hitting this wonderful, beautiful girl on her bike on her way to the library.

My hand, holding my pencil, now enraged through the grief in my heart, hurls the pencil across the room. My feet and legs make me stand, leaving the drawing of her face on my desk. They walk me out the door, past my blue car with the mangled front, and to the place six blocks away where she is now at. Once they find her, they force me to drop to my knees in front of her. My head presses itself against the cool, rough surface of her gravestone, and I weep.

As I weep, the world weeps with me, drowning out my cries and tears with its own, soaking me to the bone. The world and I, we cry together for the one we lost. We cry knowing that tomorrow, my hand will find that green pencil with the yellow dots and, without my permission, they will draw her face again.



Moving On


Practice makes perfect, or so they say. I sit down at my desk, pick up my pencil, and draw her face.  Her delicate, smiling mouth, her sad hollow eyes, her small, pert nose, and her golden hair spilling out from a slightly tipped back graduation cap. I draw her the same way I have been drawing her the same way she looked the last time I saw her. I sit back, my drawing complete. As I look at it, I smile. They were right. After months of practice, this drawing is perfect. There isn’t a line out of place, or a detail missed. Carefully, I slide it into a picture frame, then hold it out in front of me to look at it again. The memory of that day still hurts, but not as bad as it once did. Somehow, nobody but me knows that I was the one who caused the accident that took her life. I loved her, more than I knew I did, and by some cruel twist of fate, I killed her. But that is in the past now, and I have to force myself to move on.


I sigh, then place the picture on top of my clothes in my suitcase  lying open on the floor. I zip up my suitcase, then, as I walk out the door of my room, I look back one last time. It looks so empty now, but that is good. I’m leaving, and no part of me needs left behind. I close my bedroom door for the last time, then head outside. When I get outside, I smile. My parents are waiting for me next to my new red truck. They help me with my suitcase, then tell me goodbye. My mother is crying, telling me that I had better be home  for Christmas. I get in, pull out of the drive, and drive away.


Abruptly, after about six blocks, I pull over and park. I get out, and  walk into the cemetery.  It doesn’t take  me long to find her grave, and when I do, I kneel down and rest my head on her headstone. I place one hand against her name, and I sigh. This will be the last time I come here. I pull a pencil out of my pocket, and lay it down next to the flowers her parents must have brought. It was a green pencil, with yellow dots. I get up, walk back to my truck, and quickly leave. I get out on the highway, and turn on the radio. My first day of college is this week, and I’m headed to the campus dorms so I can get my room key and unpack. The dorms are furnished, and the first thing I’m going to put on the desk, is the picture of her face.


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Here is one I wrote over the weekend.


Once, a boy snuck out of the house in the middle of the night to sit in his yard, encased by moonlight. The boy waited, and at exactly midnight, a figure emerged. Dressed in a cloak with a hood so no person could see the being inside, the figure stood in front of the boy. The boy smiled, and looked up at the figure, expectantly waiting, with his hand held out. Neither one spoke as the figure reached out from the sleeve of his cloak a white hand of bone, clutching four small objects. The figure dropped the objects into the boy's awaiting hand, and then walked away into the gloom. The boy waited until the figure was gone, then looked at the objects in his hand. They were marbles, white as the purest snow. The boy smiled, then went back inside to bed.

 For the next four days, the child played. He ran around outside, chasing his friends, laughing and giggling, wiping his runny nose with the back of his sleeve the way that all little boys do in the fall. On the night of the fourth day, the boy snuck out to sit in his patch of moonlight and waited, occasionally wiping his nose. The figure emerged, and the boy smiled. The figure with the white hand of bone dropped three objects into the boy's awaiting fingers, then left, all without saying a word. As before, the boy waited until the figure had left to look at the objects in his hand. They were marbles again, a startling shade of silver. The boy smiled, then went back inside to bed.

For the next three days, afraid her son might have a small cold, the boy's mother kept him inside. But the boy was happy, playing board games with his brother and sister, watching the television, and sneezing into a hankie his father had given to him. On the night of the third day, the boy snuck out to sit in his patch of moonlight and waited, sneezing into his hankie and wiping his nose. The figure emerged, and the boy smiled. The figure with the white hand of bone dropped two objects into the boy's awaiting fingers, then left, all without saying a word. As he did the two times before, the boy waited until the figure had left to look at the objects in his hand. They were marbles this time too, a dull, dark, gray. The boy smiled, then went back inside to bed.

For the next two days, the boy stayed in his room, too sick to play with his brother and sister. But the boy was happy, reading books, playing with his toys, and coughing into the crook of his arm. On the night of the second day, the boy snuck out to sit in his patch of moonlight and waited, coughing, sneezing and wiping his nose. The figure emerged, and the boy smiled. The figure with the white hand of bone dropped one object into the boy's awaiting fingers, then left, all without saying a word. As with the days before, the boy waited until the figure had left to look at the object in his hand. As expected, it was a marble, this one black as pitch. The boy smiled, then went back inside to bed.

The next day, the boy stayed in bed, too sick to play. But the boy was happy; taking long naps, snuggling with is teddy bear, and sweating with fever. That night, too sick to sneak out, the boy lay in his bed. From an open window, the boy was encased by a shaft of moonlight, so he waited, sweating, coughing, sneezing, and wiping his nose. At exactly midnight, the figure emerged. The boy looked up at him, and smiled weakly. Struggling, the boy reached out his hand to accept is gift of marbles from the figure. Silently, the figure shook his head; there were no more marbles left to give. The boy dropped his hand, but still smiled weakly at the figure. The figure stooped, and with white hands of bone, gently picked up the frail, sickly boy. The figure left, carrying the boy away into the gloom, all without saying a word.

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Welp, they're all amazing! I can't write nice stories...*pouts* But can I share my writing here too? If so, then here's a short story I tried to write.


It's late in the afternoon now. The leaves are all turning brown. Fall is near. I smile as I see my Voice, my little sister, walk up to me and ask me what I'm doing. Well, she doesn't technically ASK what I'm doing, but she's signing in sign language to ask me the question. She can't speak. She hasn't been able to speak for a few years now. After that incident...

I shudder as I remember what happened. Voice still stares at me with a puzzled look on her face. She tilts her head to the left and asks me what happened. I just shake my head and hug her tightly. No, I can't let go of her. Not this time. I promised him that I would keep her safe. I promised him, my true love...

I shake my head again. I can't think about him now! Voice is still in my arms, so she doesn't notice the tears slowly make their way down. I quickly wipe them away. Voice jerks her head back and looks straight at me. She asks me the same question again. Why did they name her voice if she couldn't speak? I say nothing and hug her tightly. Once she's inside my arms I begin to sing. My favorite lullaby. The one he first sang to me when we met...

"If only, if only, the woodpecker signs,

The bark of the tree was as soft as the skies.

While the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely,

Crying to the mo-o-o-on.

If only, if only"

She looks up and smiles. I know that she loves that song. I stand up and tell her that I'll be making dinner now. She nods her head, and as I start to head outside, she grabs my arm...And actually sings the song. With her voice, all clear and beautiful. I stare at her in shock. She sings the lullaby over and over again and runs into my arms. My eyes become wide with shock and tears begin to roll down my eyes...

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Mine is actually a poem for our spoken poetry. :) Hope this poem can touch hearts! :x


He was another Christian Grey in town

While she was idiotically an Anna Steele

It was Superficial

Yet to her, it was Profound

True Love Perhaps


Days passed, her feelings grew

It was love she said like she knew

It maybe a laugh to few

But she believe it was love's cue


In bed they were domestic

A love she thought as majestic

Their nights in sheets were frantic

Trying all sorts of antics


That night as he peeled of her lace

He didn't dare to look at her face

He started moving in a fast pace

With her below in place


It was love she was sure

But to him it was lust so pure

It was not longer a romantic gesture

Something she stayed to endure

She felt belittled

In the end they were untitled





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I used to write in Honey's Anime writer's boards, for people to self-publish and see what other authors have written. I for one felt it was more of a fanfiction corner (which is fine, I write plenty) instead of an original works section. I've self-published a couple stories, and have found myself coming back to them to read them (I guess I think my own writing is good lol). Here's one I love.

Feline Friends.docx


Night Shift.docx

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forgot to add the other story
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Okay guys, this is why i haven't been on. I hope you are ready for this! B|



Out of the almost nine billion life-sustaining planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, the last place that I thought I would end up as a STAN officer was Pillton-48. Pillton-48 is the one of the most disgusting, stinking, planets in all of explored space. When I graduated high school at the top of my class in 2236, I thought I knew what I was doing. At age 18, I joined the Military Academy. The Military Academy, located on the surface of an entire moon converted into a giant college for military personal. It also serves as the headquarters of the military, along with being the home and workplace of the Committee of Elders for the Democratic Republic of Allied Planets. With my scores on the entrance exams, I could have chosen to become anything. Eight years later, at age 26, I graduated from the Military Academy with the ranking of STAN; Special Tactics And Negotiations officer. Needed aboard every military spacecruiser, STAN officers had the final say over even the captain when it came to dealing with intelligent foreign beings. It was a grand dream, with results far less heroic.

Upon my graduation from the Military Academy, I was immediately given an assignment to work out a peace treaty with a warring group of Gurrians. Given that, what was I, a STAN officer, doing on one of the most rancid planets in the entire quadrant? Simple, my ship crashed. When the automatic pilot transport pod I was on went into a tailspin and crashed on an abandoned planet on day one, I had high hopes for myself and for my future. I thought that the Committee of Elders would quickly know what had happened and that I would be home in a couple of weeks, a few months at most. I may be on one of the many uninhabited planets in the galaxy, but I was important, I would be saved. That was day one. It’s now day 730, and I now can reflect back on how much of an idiot I was. This ordeal has taught me just how vulnerable and weak I really am.

I landed on one of the many dying islands that dot the planet’s surface. The only reason I have made it this long is because of “Base Camp”. One of the only things I recovered from the crash was a large inflatable tent with enough technology to keep me alive. The “Base Camp” is a staple on all transport pods and it literally saved my life. “Base Camp” is climate controlled, with air scrubbers, storage space for rations, and a solar-powered generator. That generator is the only thing that has kept me sane this entire time. There have been many nights I have been lulled into a fitful sleep by that generator’s steady, pulsing hum. But most of all, it charged my portal.

My portal is a curved device that fits onto my forearm. Its primary function was to record my daily logs and transmit them back to the Military Academy to be documented and evaluated. Unfortunately, my portal seemed to be recording my logs but unable to send out a signal. Still, I can’t tell you how many countless hours I have spent talking to my portal. On top of the actual daily logs, I have spent much of my free time here just talking to the thing like it was an old friend. I have told that little blinking recording light my life story, every dream I ever had, and about all sorts of other random things. I feel sorry for whoever happens to receive those logs if the signal ever goes through. Whoever it may be probably will think that I have gone completely crazy. When you think about it, you can’t blame me. I am the only intelligent life form on this rock. Who do you want me to talk to, the bacteria?

Most of the island is a smelly, sticky, swamp that is devoid of animal life. I couldn’t even get lucky enough to get eaten by an alien alligator to take me out of my misery. However there is evidence that life once flourished on this island. Rotting tree trunks, half immersed into the ground, suggest that plant life was once possible. Random vents dot the landscape, belching toxic gasses comprised of mainly methane. The insects, mostly beetle-like, have become anaerobic, surviving without any oxygen present in these vents.  Tar pits also are a key feature on the island. They seem to be super-heated by the planet’s core, as they are constantly boiling. Occasionally, I catch a glimpse of medium size animal bones in theses pits of boiling pitch. Another danger is the frequent quicksand traps. The freshwater ocean surrounding this island is a constant 110 degrees Celsius, I believe also to be heated by the planet’s core.  In my opinion, the planet is dead, and I was not fortunate enough to see it in its prime. It’s only a matter of time until the rapidly heating core causes a rupture so massive in the planet’s surface that no life will ever be possible.

Suddenly, my portal beeps at me, indicating that I have a message. It seems to be from the Military Academy. It has been a very long time since I have had any outside contact. I swipe my finger across it to answer the incoming call. Unfortunately, it was only an electronic letter. I click open and a message appears: “Officer Baker, if you are receiving this message, we would like you to know that your transmissions have been picked up by a passing cargo ship. The Committee of Elders was immediately notified of your situation. This is the SpaceCruiser Red-Tail, we have been sent by the Elders on a rescue mission to your current location. We urge you stay in your current location until our arrival.”

Once aboard the SpaceCruiser Red-Tail, I found out from one of the Commanding Officers on board that I had been presumed dead. My transport pod had gone missing and any signs of a wreckage were never found. According to the Officer, the cargo ship had been testing out a new long range frequency on the ship’s communicator when they intercepted my daily log transmissions from the past 2 years. Now, I was on my way back to the Military Academy and my desired career where I could be the STAN officer I had always wanted to be. As I looked out the port side window of this spacecruiser, I wondered what had happened with the peace treaty I was supposed to help negotiate. I wondered if I would be given an opportunity to receive another assignment in the near future. Would I be allowed to return to duty any time soon? Until then, I would be thankful that I would once again be able to speak with someone who could talk back to me and no longer just record what I had to say. I was finally going home.



Chapter 1

A few weeks later, back at the Academy, after a scalding hot shower, a shave, a clean uniform, and a hot meal, I could finally recognize myself in the mirror. Having several hours to kill before I was due to report in for my next assignment, I decided to head to the common room to see what I had missed in the last two years on Pillton-48. I sat down on a couch next to the wall, leaned back my head, and pretended to be asleep. Before long, the cadets, with classes over for the day, began to wander in. Many were talking about Academy life, such as training drills, Major So-and-So, homework, and tests, among other things. All of a sudden, I felt a light, quick tap on my knee.

“Excuse me Sir,” said a timid voice, “may I sit next to you, Sir? All of the other seats are taken.” I opened my eyes to see a pile of books talking to me. Actually, it was a Dwarviene girl holding a stack of books nearly as tall as her. Dwarvienes are a humanoid race native to Chinsum-22. Their average height is a small four feet tall. Not known for their intelligence, it was a surprise to see one here at the Military Academy, much less one with so many books.

“Sure, not a problem.” I replied, as I moved over to make more room. She sighed with relief, then set her books down beside me, obviously tired from carrying such a heavy load.

“What is your name, Sir?” she asked, looking out at the full common room before us.

“STAN Officer Brian, and yours, cadet?” Nearly falling off of the couch at my reply, she stood up, cheeks red from embarrassment, and saluted me.

Then in typical military volume, shouted, “Cadet Lillian Bok, Sir!” This display attracted the attention of several cadets around us who, finally noticing the ranking symbols on my uniform, saluted. I gave them the sign for at-ease; two fingers pointed at the ground from my waist. Relieved, they quickly went back to their conversations.

“You can drop the formalities for now, we are not on duty here.”

“T-Thank you, Sir.” she stammered, in a calmer voice now. She sat beside me again, but her posture was more rigid, and her entire face had flushed into a deep crimson from her embarrassment. Her reaction can be understood. Any other senior officer would have treated her, a cadet, as an underling. And being a mutt, the general term humans use to describe any non-human race, she would have been treated like filth. While against military law, discrimination against mutts was common.

I looked at her, then asked, “That is a lot of books. How many classes are you taking?”

“Fifteen!” she said excitedly, “I know that a full load is only five, but I’m trying to graduate early. I want to become an engineer. In fact, actually, today I’m,” she paused, then suddenly asked, “Say! Why are you here? Aren’t STAN officers supposed to be on spacecruisers?”

“I actually just got back from a planet called Pillton-48. I was stranded there for two years, but now I am here to get my new assignment in a couple of hours. But you sounded like something good was going on today with you too. What is going on?”

“Well, you see, I’m actually supposed to be given an intern assignment in a couple of hours! It’s such an honor!” she said excitedly, then hurriedly explained, “I am to be assigned underneath a STAN officer, like yourself, aboard a Class One Military Explorer spacecruiser, where after a year of service, I’ll get automatically promoted to a Tier three engineer!”

“Tier three is a big jump from a Tier one cadet for only one year.” I said, slightly in awe of how smart this girl truly must have been. “Well, I guess two years given you have to have been here at the Academy for at least one year. But still, do you think that you will be ready?”

“I know I will be ready. I know that Dwarvienes like me are not known for being very smart, but I’ve wanted to graduate from the Military Academy since I was a young girl. This is who I am. I have to succeed.”

After talking to Lillian for the next hour or so, I found out nothing dramatic had changed since my stay on Pillton-48, and she decided to go put her books away and make sure all of her bags were packed for her year-long internship. After she left, I began to wander down to Conference room-6B, the place where I was to receive my next assignment. When I got there, I still had fifteen minutes until I was needed, so I sat in one of the chairs out in the hall. There were several other people sitting in the chairs around me. Across from me sat two Engels, their pure white wings tucked carefully behind them. By the way they were sitting next to each other, and how they were holding hands, I would have said that they were a couple. Next to them sat a man, human I assumed, reading out of a health magazine. Given the way he was dressed, he appeared to be a doctor. Beside me, on my right, sat two young Sphinx women, the large cat-like ears on the top of their heads twitching as they listened to things inaudible to the rest of us. As I was looking around, to my astonishment, I saw Lillian running down the hall. When she reached me, she looked down at the paper in her hand, looked at me, then looked around in confusion. “STAN Officer Brian, Sir? Is everyone here waiting for Conference room-6B?”

“I think so, although I wasn’t expecting so many people, usually assignments are given one at a time. But you’re right on time; they could be ready for us at any moment.”

Suddenly, a girl poked her head out of the Conference room door. “Everyone here to receive their next assignment, the Elder will see you now.” None of us said a word as we walked into the room, and the atmosphere became charged with tension. Elders, as the senators of the Democratic Republic of Allied Planets, were to be respected, even feared. The Elder was a short, fat, bald man with a surprisingly kind face. Next to him stood the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was dressed in a captain’s uniform, and she held herself in a way that not only conveyed kindness, but demanded respect. I must have been staring, because she gave me a small smile as Lillian purposely stepped on my foot. All of us that had been waiting stood in a line next to each other in front of the Elder and the woman standing next to him. We all snapped to attention as the Elder cleared his throat.

“Hello, my name is Elder Kyle. I have gathered you all here today in order to give you your next assignment. But before we get to that, let’s make sure we all know who you will be working with. This lovely lady standing next to me will be your captain.” The woman stepped forward, smiled warmly at each of us, and then said, “My name is Captain Raven Violet, but you may refer to me as Captain Raven. My spacecruiser, the Luna, might be small for a Class One Military Explorer spacecruiser, but she is fast and has been with me through all sorts of encounters. I hope that we all work well together and complete our assignment without any trouble at all.”

“Thank you, Captain,” said the Elder, “Now, is the STAN officer present?”

“I stepped forward and said, “Yes Sir. My name is STAN Officer Brian Baker.” The Elder nodded his head in approval, so I stepped back.

“All right, now let’s see,” said the Elder, “I assume that the two of you are the Commanding Officers. Am I right?” the Elder asked as he pointed a small chubby finger at the two Engels.

The first of the Engels said, “You assume correctly, Elder Kyle. My name is Michael Gordan, and this is my wife, Heather.”

“Thank you, Commanding Officer Michael. Now, who is the pilot?” asked the Elder, smiling kindly once again. One of the young women who appeared to be Sphinx stepped forward.

“That would be me. My name is Bast.” She said, her yellow, cat-like eyes gleaming. “And before you ask,” she reached behind her and pulled forward the other young woman, “her name is Cleo. She is the Mechanic, and she doesn’t talk to anyone but me, so if you need something from her, you had better come to me first.” The other woman had her head hung down and her cat-like ears laid back, obviously embarrassed by her friends brashness.

“Thank you, Bast, and thank you for introducing us to Cleo.” said the Elder, with a bit of scorn in his voice. “Now, I trust we have a doctor. Do we not?” The man that had been reading the health magazine stepped forward.

“My name is Sebastian Hardnest. I am pleased to meet each and every one of you.” As he spoke, he gazed directly at the Captain, aiming every silky word directly at her. Her usually warm smile disappeared, and she quickly looked away from him. The doctor stepped back, his eyes never leaving her.

The Elder cleared his throat, then said, “Cadet Lillian Bok, would you please step forward?” She did, looking around nervously. The Elder then said, “Cadet, you are hereby assigned as an intern aboard the Spacecruiser Luna, where you will complete one year of service. In return, at the end of your internship, you will be automatically promoted to a Tier three engineer. Your supervisor will be STAN Officer Brian. I suggest you get to know, trust, and respect him accordingly” Lillian nodded, turned and smiled at me, then stepped back in line.

“Now,” said the Elder, “for your assignment. You are heading for Bentick-26, an uninhabited planet about two weeks journey from here. There has been a distress signal picked up from the planet’s surface, but that signal does not match any Military spacecruiser on record. Your assignment is to determine the origin of this signal, then report back for further instructions. You are to leave at eight o’clock tomorrow morning. Until then, I suggest that you get prepared and get plenty of rest. You are dismissed.”

As we walked out, Lillian immediately caught up with me. “Yay, my first assignment! I’m so glad we had already met, Sir! This way, we don’t have to go through those awkward meeting-your-boss kind of things.”

Suddenly, I heard a voice call out my name. “STAN Officer Brian, may I speak with you for a moment?” I turned around to see the Captain walking towards me, and I immediately forgot how to speak.

“I, um, yeah. Uh, sure, I mean.”

She stopped in front of me then said, “I look forward to working with you on this assignment. As I understand it, we should be working together quite often, so I hope that you are as good as your file says you are.”

                “Wait a second! Why have you been reading my file?” I asked, utterly stunned.

“As a captain, I always review the files of those who will be serving with me.” Suddenly she caught the eye of the doctor, Sebastian, walking towards us. “I have to go!” she said, with panic in her voice, then quickly walked away. When he saw that the Captain had left, Sebastian quickly changed direction, and walked away.

“You like her, don’t you?” I started, then looked down. I had quite forgotten Lillian had been there the whole time.

“Don’t be absurd, she is our captain, and I feel nothing of the sort like you are implying.” I said.

“You are so see-through, it’s like you are a window!” Lillian giggled, then said, “Whatever then, but I think Sebastian likes her too.”

“I don’t think she feels the same way. But I don’t blame her; something seems off about that guy.” I said as we began walking again.

Lillian looked up at me, then said, “Stop worrying about it so much. Tomorrow we start our adventure, and I can’t wait!”

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Can a short play's script be considered my writing? If so, here's one I came up with:-


(audio: The Piano Sonata No. 16 In C Major)

Sb: Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865) was an American statesman and-

(sound effect: record scratch)

Me: Stop, stop, stop, stop. Stop. You're plagiarizing, you know?

Sb: What does that mean?

Me: Well...

(audio: The Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major)


Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.[1][2]

Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. It is subject to sanctions like penalties, suspension, and even expulsion. Recently, cases of "extreme plagiarism" have been identified in academia.[3] The modern concept of plagiarism as immoral and originality as an ideal emerged in Europe in the 18th century, particularly with the Romantic movement.

Plagiarism is not in itself a crime, but can constitute copyright infringement. In academia and industry, it is a serious ethical offense.[4][5] Plagiarism and copyright infringement overlap to a considerable extent, but they are not equivalent concepts, and many types of plagiarism do not constitute copyright infringement, which is defined by copyright law and may be adjudicated by courts. Plagiarism is not defined or punished by law, but rather by institutions (including professional associations, educational institutions, and commercial entities, such as publishing companies).

Sb: Oh...I get it now. But...doesn't that mean that you're plagiarizing too?

Me: That's not plagiarizing! I'm giving credit!

Sb: No, you aren't.

Me: Yes, I am!! See?!

"Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.[1][2]

Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. It is subject to sanctions like penalties, suspension, and even expulsion. Recently, cases of "extreme plagiarism" have been identified in academia.[3] The modern concept of plagiarism as immoral and originality as an ideal emerged in Europe in the 18th century, particularly with the Romantic movement.

Plagiarism is not in itself a crime, but can constitute copyright infringement. In academia and industry, it is a serious ethical offense.[4][5] Plagiarism and copyright infringement overlap to a considerable extent, but they are not equivalent concepts, and many types of plagiarism do not constitute copyright infringement, which is defined by copyright law and may be adjudicated by courts. Plagiarism is not defined or punished by law, but rather by institutions (including professional associations, educational institutions, and commercial entities, such as publishing companies)."

Source: Wikipedia.

Me: See? I gave credit.

Sb: You bi-

Me: Biscuit.

The End



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On 12/7/2017 at 12:15 AM, AniMeFReaK said:

Can a short play's script be considered my writing? If so, here's one I came up with:-


(audio: The Piano Sonata No. 16 In C Major)

Sb: Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865) was an American statesman and-

(sound effect: record scratch)

Me: Stop, stop, stop, stop. Stop. You're plagiarizing, you know?

Sb: What does that mean?

Me: Well...

(audio: The Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major)


Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.[1][2]

Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. It is subject to sanctions like penalties, suspension, and even expulsion. Recently, cases of "extreme plagiarism" have been identified in academia.[3] The modern concept of plagiarism as immoral and originality as an ideal emerged in Europe in the 18th century, particularly with the Romantic movement.

Plagiarism is not in itself a crime, but can constitute copyright infringement. In academia and industry, it is a serious ethical offense.[4][5] Plagiarism and copyright infringement overlap to a considerable extent, but they are not equivalent concepts, and many types of plagiarism do not constitute copyright infringement, which is defined by copyright law and may be adjudicated by courts. Plagiarism is not defined or punished by law, but rather by institutions (including professional associations, educational institutions, and commercial entities, such as publishing companies).

Sb: Oh...I get it now. But...doesn't that mean that you're plagiarizing too?

Me: That's not plagiarizing! I'm giving credit!

Sb: No, you aren't.

Me: Yes, I am!! See?!

"Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.[1][2]

Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. It is subject to sanctions like penalties, suspension, and even expulsion. Recently, cases of "extreme plagiarism" have been identified in academia.[3] The modern concept of plagiarism as immoral and originality as an ideal emerged in Europe in the 18th century, particularly with the Romantic movement.

Plagiarism is not in itself a crime, but can constitute copyright infringement. In academia and industry, it is a serious ethical offense.[4][5] Plagiarism and copyright infringement overlap to a considerable extent, but they are not equivalent concepts, and many types of plagiarism do not constitute copyright infringement, which is defined by copyright law and may be adjudicated by courts. Plagiarism is not defined or punished by law, but rather by institutions (including professional associations, educational institutions, and commercial entities, such as publishing companies)."

Source: Wikipedia.

Me: See? I gave credit.

Sb: You bi-

Me: Biscuit.

The End



all writing is writing!

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On 12/30/2017 at 4:22 PM, Chad3332 said:

I'm writing a book called Centaur L.A.W.  Law stands for love and war.  Its a romantic epic fantasy about 2 married couples that fight in many wars. It has a very pro life and save the planet stance. Tell me what do you think?  

Sounds good to me what you got so far?

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Standing on the edge of the roof I watched as the cars passed bellow. Each one's colours seemed to fade into the next as I tried to keep my vision from blurring in the dark night air. How many had I taken? I couldn't quite remember, but the empty pill bottle was lying on the roof just a few feet away from where I stood. As I closed my eyes the cold brisk breeze that signaled fall was coming caught my hair and tossed it around my face, thrashing at my cold skin and causing tendrils of pain to surge through me. "Fall." I muttered to myself as I exhaled deeply. The cold air seemed to freeze in my lungs making it hard to let out. "Fall." I whispered softer as my eyes opened, taking in the city lights around me that blinked and moved in the pitch black darkness Everything around me was perfectly dull. Everything was the same. Every day was a replayed version of the last and I couldn't find anything to bring me joy. Every day I failed. I failed them. I failed myself. I failed life. How do you think that feels? Being the failure? Being the let down? Being the expectation that never really comes true? That was all I was ... I was nothing. I was the pitch black night, the cold air, the dark street beneath my feet that called me. It beckoned to me and how was I supposed to refuse? "Fall." I mouthed, my lips too cold to form the word properly now as I closed my eyes once again letting the sounds of the city envelope me. Take me away ... Show me there is something else. Something better. Show me an open door. I beg you ... but no matter how I begged, pleaded, or prayed, I couldn't find a reason. Not a single reason.
"Thirty?" my mind flashed back to that moment. The moment I sat behind my desk, eyes wide and pleading ... Pleading with myself. I tended to do that, but I never won. I was my own worst enemy and there was no way I would ever defeat that. "Thirty!" this time my voice was higher, less surprised and more distraught. There, sitting in front of me on that bright screen were thirty reasons I hated myself, but not a single reason I liked myself. How had it come to this? How had I gotten here? Suddenly my eyes opened and I was standing on the ledge again, fighting back the tears that stung my eyes and burned my throat. Fighting back the urge to jump. To fall. To Just let go ... All it takes is one second, one step and I would never get the chance to fight again. I would be gone. Gone like the leaves on every tree when fall came. Gone ... Gone. Gone! But free ... Would I be free? What is free? Is free being numb and dead? Or is free being tormented and alive? Why couldn't free be happy? Why couldn't free be kind? Why couldn't I just step off the ledge and die? Taking a deep breath that froze the second it touched my lungs, I shifted my foot outwards, dangling it over the edge. But just as I always did, I found a reason to fear death. In the very last second, as it looked me straight in the eyes, I recoiled, like a child recoiling from a fire. In that second, as my foot dangled dangerously outwards, I found that I feared the after life. Heaven and Hell ... did it matter which one I went to? I feared death because Hell was torment. It was pure pain and suffering, just as life had been, just worse ... Oh, I could only imagine how much worse. But as I thought of Hell my mind drifted to Heaven and I wondered how eternity would fair. I'd feared eternity forever. I was not one to see ever lasting life as a blessing, instead it seemed a daunting curse. Not for the way you'd lose your loved ones or your friends, but for the way you could never end your suffering. It would never end. You could never go to sleep knowing you may not wake up. You could never wonder when death would great you. You couldn't even wait for old age to take you. Oh ... eternity seemed like suffering in and of itself. "Fall." I said firmly as my eyes glared down at the street beneath me, the cars passed, not noticing the person standing high above them. "Fall." it was the season where death came and took every leaf from off the trees. It stripped them of their majesty and cast them to the earth as if they were nothing. "Fall." it was what I could never do and it was what I could never be ... I could never be the tree that survived the cold months, surviving day after day with no hope in sight, just to find that their leaves returned with more splendor than before. No. I could never be that tree.
Stepping away from the edge I kicked the empty bottle of pills away from me with an angry glare. Tears threatened to spill over as I fell to the floor, my knees hitting solid stone and my hands slamming down hard enough to tear the skin away from my palms. I couldn't fall. I couldn't breath. I couldn't find a reason to live yet I always did ... Why? Why was this what I was destined to be? Life terrified me so I embraced death, yet every time I went to meet him my mind always pulled me back ... It always had a way of making me scared to die. A way of making death seem worse than life. It was my worst enemy and yet it whispered slowly, softly, in my ear "You are the fall.".

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to miss something you never had? I do.

I was raised in an orphanage with no name given to me at birth so instead I was called a freak. The other children loved to tease me, the care takers loved to harm me, but most of all ... my own mind fed off of the inner hate I had for myself. I still don't know why the children loved to taunt me so ... I was such a quite child then. My mouth barely ever opened to utter a single word, but my eyes never closed. Perhaps ... Perhaps that is why they called me such terrible names. The way I slept. The way my eyes stayed wide open even as my mind drifted into the black abyss that soon became the nightmares terrorizing reign. Perhaps I scared them with the way my hands twitched and my fingers curled. The way my breathing came so unevenly. The way I watched them, so intently, set on memorizing every line, every expression, every movement until I'd mapped and remapped every single child and worker there. That was how my mind worked ... Always on over drive with no pay, no rest, no reward. Just memories. Just faces.

I found that the past was where I dwelled most of the time. If in deed it really was the past ... If I'm telling the truth, I can't recall the last time my memories didn't come like stories to me. They always seemed altered in some way, as if they were tales, spun by mind to keep me from retuning to my childhood. However, I could always find the fault in the memorise which is why I was always so quiet ... I was thinking. I was remembering. I was missing that which I never had. I was missing my family.


"What are you doing on the floor?" I barely ever heard another human voice these days, but suddenly someone was standing in front of me. Perhaps it hadn't been so sudden though ... I seemed to get lost in my thoughts more than I admitted and this was one of those times.
"Drawing." I replied curtly, although my soft, childish voice never held the power I wished it to.
"With what?" the mans face instantly darkened, his black eyebrows knitting into a deep scowl on his lean face. Not very fitting. No, not at all.
"Nothing." I replied turning my face away from him and back towards the concrete floor. Every inch of it was covered in dust and dirt, except for the small area where I'd traced my fingers through the grime. As soon as my head was turned I heard the familiar click of the watch mans walkie, buzzing in the silence before he began to speak into it rather feverishly.
"Get back up." I could sense it. When he stepped back from the bars. I could see his face in my mind, the way his eyes flashed with dread and the corners of his mouth turned just slightly downward. "He's up to something again." the way his voice wavered as he spoke again made me turn around.
"Up to what?" I grinned, my big eyes looking directly into his.
"Stay back!" as soon as I'd taken a single step towards the bars his hand shot to the gun at his side and his legs began to tremble. Oh, he was scared ... No, wait. He was down right petrified. The way his eyes darted from me to the corridor where he waited for back up. The way his fingers twitched just a millimeter away from his gun. The way he gritted his teeth making his jaw clench together. All signs of his panic. His fear. His heart rate rising to nearly fatal levels. I could practically hear it from where I stood. But he had no reason to panic. I had been good ... I had been good!

"Wh-what have you done!?" the utter panic in her voice caught my attention and I swiveled around quickly. The blood covering my hands just seemed to make her tremble even more though.
"They did it." I blurted out pointing at the bodies lining the floor and crammed into the cupboards. "They ... they did it!" I couldn't control my voice now as I began to walk towards the woman. Her blonde hair pulled into a tight ponytail, just as always. "I was good." I said as my breathing came in raggedly, too sharp for me to focus. "I was good!" I screamed now, unable to stop myself as I advanced towards the now recoiling woman.
"St-stay back! Stay back!" the confidence that usually lined her words was completely gone now as she trembled and shook. Scared of such a small child? How could she be scared? How? How could she be the one scared!?
"How!?" I found my words tumbling from my mouth before I could even process what I was doing. My mind had always worked quicker than my body, but now, instead of analyzing and processing it was just spitting out every thought I had. "You did this! You did this to me!"
"No!" I watched as she tumbled to the ground, her heel having twisted in those ridiculous high heeled shoes she wore.
"All of you!" my body began to tremble as my fingers twitched uncontrollably, their movements erratic and strange, even for me. "You put me in the cupboard ... You did!" I couldn't help but blurt everything out now as I stared face to face with the woman who'd come up with the terrible way of tormenting me. She knew. She knew! "You knew all along how scared I was!" I screamed louder. "You laughed!" Louder. "You kept me in there for days!" Louder! Louder! I felt tears burning my throat and stinging my eyes, but I ignored them and pushed onwards, following her out of the room as she crawled backwards, her hands scrapping against the hard floor as she winced in pain. Her ankle was twisted oddly and she couldn't manage to stand up. "I could barely breath." I sobbed out, my lungs now constricting from the pain. "I couldn't move." my expression changing from one of rage to one of pure and utter pain ... suffering ... sorrow. A child's uninhibited torment and years of pain, cast unto my face. "You were the one who killed them."
"No!" she screamed, her hazel eyes opening wider than they already had been. "No!" she struggled to get to her feet but let out a scream of pain as she toppled back down.
"You were the reason they died." my big eyes stared deep into hers as I recalled every time she pushed for them to lock me up in the cupboards under the sink. She was always the one laughing first, her cruel pink lips curled into that devilish smile. "They wouldn't have done it, if not for you." I felt the tears brim over and stream down my face as I took the final step towards her and crouched directly in front of her terrified face. "They begged for mercy." my tone was so calm and soft even as tears fell like waterfalls down my face. "They begged and begged, but I couldn't stop." as soon as those words left my lips a wide grin found it's way unto my face, grinning through the tears. "You know, I could have laughed ... I could have smiled, I could have done everything you did." the crazed look in my eyes was evident, for she quickly began to sob. "But I didn't." this time I tilted my head to the side to look at her clearer. "I didn't enjoy it. In fact, I hated it. Every last second!"
"Pl-please ..." her trembling lips were so different from that wicked grin I'd seen so many times before.
"I hid them in the cupboards, like you hid me. But I cut them up into itty bitty pieces so they wouldn't be so scared ... they can breath. They can move. I couldn't move." I emphasized my words as I spoke. "I was so scared of those tight spaces, you knew that. I was so scared I couldn't breath. Do you remember?" my eyes flashed with memorise as I continued. "I passed out in that little cupboard ... I fainted, but you didn't care. You left me in there." looking at her pleadingly I frowned, "Don't worry though, I'll make sure to let you out if you can't breath." I didn't want to do what she'd done to me. I didn't want her to be scared like I had been. So I would do what I'd done with the others, I would cut her up so small she would think that tiny cupboard was a castle! She wouldn't be scared then!
"Don't do this ... Please!" she begged and begged but I ignored her.
"I can't let you hurt the other children." I whimpered, my head shaking side to side as I looked her dead in the eyes. "But don't worry, you won't remember a thing." those were the last words I said to her before plunging the knife deep into her heart ... her blood curdling screams made my ears ring, but I stabbed her again. Again. Again, until she lay quietly on the floor. Her mouth agape in a scream, her eyes rolled back into the abyss and I went to work getting her into the cupboard.


"I've been good!" I sobbed loudly as the watch man stared in terror at my trembling hands and I noticed the pain surging through me.
"Quick! I need backup!" he shouted into his walkie once more as I stared down at the crimson blood pooling on the floor as it dripped from my hands. My long nails stuck into my soft skin and I couldn't bring myself to remove them.
"I was good!" the tears kept coming as my mind stayed locked in that moment ... the moment I'd sat sobbing in the middle of the room, blooding covering my arms and legs, even staining the pretty white shirt I'd been wearing. I was stuck staring at the cupboards where my demons hid and my tormentors lay. "I've been good!" I kept screaming, over and over until my lungs began to burn and ache, making it hard for me to scream anymore.
"What were you drawing?" the watch man demanded and I fell to the floor, over come with the memories ... "Oh my-" his voice trailed off as he stared at the blood covered floor. I too turned to look at the floor, my painting so perfectly beautiful on that drab, dusty, old floor. "Is that ... blood?" his eyes shot wide open as he looked at the blood dripping from my hands, then back at the painting I'd made.
"Good boy ..." I whimpered, "Good boy. You've been a good boy." my hands shook even more as they paled. I hadn't realized what I'd done ... It didn't hurt when I made the painting, how could it have been from my blood? "Don't worry about the cupboard. You've been good. They won't put you back. No, no, no ... They can't put you back there. Not when you've been such a good boy!" my head shot up, "Blood isn't a big deal. Blood can be cleaned. You're still a good boy. Still a good boy."
"No." the watch man growled and my eyes welled with tears.
"Yes, I have been good! I swear!"  bolting upright my bloody hands slammed against the steel bars and I screamed. My voice reaching a pitch I'd never heard before and just as I did the watch man turned around and fled ... he just ran down the hall, his hands over his ears and his eyes closed tightly. "Good boy. G-good boy." I choked out as my vision blurred, my eyes slowly closing as I fell backwards unto the ground. My head slamming into the concrete floor as I fell into my drawing.

As my eyes opened I found a beautiful woman standing in front of me. Her black hair was so carefully braided and placed over her right shoulder as she looked down at her hand intertwined with another's. This man was tall and confident, his glossy black hair was just a shade darker than the woman's and I found that they seemed familiar to me. Oh, yes ... this was it. This was the moment I missed what I never had.

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This is one that I've been working on. I just finished chapter 1.


Chapter 1: Hate Me Some MHOs

Picture this: you have the power to see things other people can’t see. Would you accept the power as a gift or a curse?


It was seven in the morning of January the fourteenth. I was walking along the streets of Belfast, and was searching for a restaurant where I could have my breakfast. The sun was already high in the air, considering that the sun set for only two or three hours. On this particular morning, I had the urge to go and check out the Turkish cuisine. I was deciding between which two Turkish restaurants to go to when my friend, Beth, suddenly appeared in front of me. I make a weird choking noise which was a mixture between laughter and a scream. You see, Beth was a ghost who died in a car crash two years ago. But compared to the other ghosts I have met; Beth seems to be the most beautiful one. She has long white hair, black eyes and she always wears a white top, a pair of black leggings with a black scarf that’s wrapped around her neck. She wears a silver coat with them, although I’m pretty sure that ghosts never feel hot or cold.

Beth giggled after seeing my reaction, and turned into a human. When she was in her human form, her white hair changed into brown and her black eyes became a vibrant shade of blue. “Let’s go eat, Emilia!” said Beth as she skipped away and stopped in front of the second Turkish restaurant. I sighed and smiled to myself. “Yeah,” I said.

“So, what are your plans today?” asked Beth, skipping along with me after we finished eating. “I don’t have any,” I muttered. Beth suddenly stopped and looked me in the eye. “Have you seen some more things?” she asked me, concerned. “I’m sure that there are none of them here.” “There are more Mutated Hybrid Ones out there, Beth,” I said. “I saw one outside the hotel last night. It was a cross between a human, a snake and a vampire bat. The transformation occurred right before my very eyes. I didn’t slay it yet, since there was still some human in it which was trying to fight back. It staggered off to the alleyway which is full of large dustbins which were used way back. Thankfully it won’t be able to harm any of the ‘other ones’ yet, since the transformation takes 24 hours to complete if it becomes resisted, and because I believe that it won’t get out of there.” I finally took a deep breath. “Okay, okay,’ said Beth casually. “I’ll meet you there tonight at ten. But for now, let’s have some fun.” I finally realized that we had come to a park.

“I said that it’s time for fun!” said Beth complaining. “Feeding the ducks bread crumbs are my idea of fun!” I shot back. Beth sighed and slid down the bench. “You old grandma,” she said quietly. “I heard that!” I boomed.

It was lunchtime when I finally felt stress relieved. Feeding ducks bread crumbs helps me to relax and take a break from my hectic life. I looked around and realized that Beth had fallen asleep in her ghost form. I nudged her and said “Wake up, Beth,” softly, which of course didn’t wake her up. I got up, filled the container in which the bread crumbs had been with water, and proceeded to wake her up by splashing cold water at her face and screaming, “Wake up, Beth!” as loud as I could. Fortunately for me, my plan worked. Beth coughed and sputtered. When she finally came out of her daze, she said, “Why you- Emilia!” and tried to strangle me. I laughed and pushed her away. Luckily for her, the water quickly dried since she was a ghost. “Let’s go have lunch,” I said, smiling. “Oh, and remember to be in your human form the whole time, Beth.”

We had lunch at a McDonald’s which was nearby, and then we headed off to the alleyway to check if the MHO (Mutated Hybrid One) had caused any damage there. You see, the MHOs are only powerful at night. They have little magic and animal abilities in control when exposed to daylight. The magic and abilities are only enough to keep them alive in daylight.

Anyway, when we got there, the damage caused by the MHO last night almost made me lose my lunch. During transformation, especially if the victim is trying to fight back, MHOs go wild and do lots of wild things. This was certainly an example. All the garbage bags had been taken out from the bins and were ripped, causing all the garbage to produce a vomit inducing stench. The bins had dents in them, and one had been squeezed so tight that it became scrunched. A snake’s tail poked its way out of the bin, which told me that the MHO must have been in there saving up energy for tonight. Worst of all, there were a few mice and a dog lying in right front of us and not moving, meaning that they were dead. When I looked closer, I noticed a few large marks which seemed like a needle had pricked them. That could mean one thing: the MHO just had a lunch.

“This is bad,” I whispered to Beth. “Now that it has had eaten to get energy, it can be able to summon just a bit of magic to make us fall asleep, so that we can be its next victim.” Luckily for us, the MHO was sound asleep. We quickly crept outside and placed a metal door in front of the entrance to the alleyway. I summoned some magic and made the door invisible to mortal eyes, so that it seemed like there wasn’t a door. Next, I made the door hard enough to withstand an explosion. I knew that this door wouldn’t be able to stand a chance against the MHO by ten fifty tonight since I summoned it myself.

When I was finally done, I looked beside me and saw that Beth became a ghost again. “You hungry?” she asked me. “A snack will be okay,” I said and started heading towards a nearby supermarket. From the corner of my eye, I saw Beth shimmering and becoming a human again. But no, she looked a bit different now. I spun around and noticed that Beth had given herself a new makeover. She now had long blonde hair with brown eyes. She wore a long white and navy blue gown which had long, droopy sleeves. She wore a navy blue cloak so that normal mortals wouldn’t stare at her for not wearing something warm. “W-wow,” I finally managed. Beth smiled sweetly at me. “This is why I kept on becoming a ghost! I was summoning a new makeover,” she said. “Will you be able to fight in that dress?” I asked her. “Don’t worry! I’ve already thought about that,” she said. “This outfit changes into a more convenient one so that I’ll be ready for tonight.” “Beth,” I said, looking directly at her eyes. “This isn’t a normal MHO. This one seems intelligent and like it has been an MHO before.” Beth’s smile faltered. “I know that,” she said grimly. “That’s why my war outfit has a lot of new upgrades.” “What kind of upgrades?” I asked her. “You’ll know that later,” she said and winked at me. “Now let’s go eat! I’m hungry!” she said and dragged me to the supermarket.

Beth’s idea of a “taking a bite” had exceeded my expectations. She bought everything from an energy bar to a large microwaveable pepperoni pizza. But that’s not important, since I kept on seeing a dark shape spiralling in front of my eyes whenever I looked at a door which had signs that said “Keep out!” or “Do not enter”. Beth noticed that I had a problem, so she pulled me aside to the Frozen Yogurt section. “What’s the matter, Emilia?” she asked me. “I-I don’t know…” I stammered since the dark shape was now as big as me and kept on whispering something. “T-t-that door…dark s-shape spiralling…it’s w-w-whispering to me…” I stammered. The room was starting to sway ever so slightly. I realized that I was going to lose consciousness soon. “T-t-the backpack…” I stammered, clutching Beth. The room was definitely spinning now. The voices were almost yelling now. I could finally make out what they were saying. “Sophia…” they seemed to be saying. What would I do with the name “Sophia”? The air had started to smell sickeningly sweet and disgusting by now. My brain felt like it was on fire.  When I looked around, I realized that Beth had already summoned Anthony, my magical talking bag, and was rummaging through the supplies. “The OMs are in the first aid kit!” Anthony shouted. “Actually, the first aid kit is only full of OMs!” Beth managed to find the OMs and squirted the drops into my eyes, sprayed it into my nose, made me drink it a bit, sprayed it into my ears and massaged both my hands with the OM ointment.

I should explain the OM thing a bit…

You see, we are a kind known as “MHO fighters”. We are neither mortal, nor immortal. We’re somewhere in the middle. When we become injured, we have this special medicine that heals us, known as OM. When we have an injury in the eye, we squirt the OM drops in it. Got an injury in the nose? Spray it. Got an injury in the ear? Spray it. Got an injury inside your body? Ingest it. Got an injury in your skin? Massage it. You can also mutter some spells that can bind, repair or give immunity (from fire, water, doing something crazy etc.) to your skin. What Beth did was that she first bound me, then she gave me immunity (from doing something crazy) and then she unbound me.

Let’s get back to the story…

The healing process happened slowly. First the dark shapes became fuzzier and fuzzier, until they were finally gone. The voices, which were screaming by now, slowly decreased. I only caught the words “Sophia will write the pages of the…” before it completely stopped. The sickeningly sweet and disgusting smell was reduced to a tiny whiff, and then it was completely gone. My brain finally cooled down. I stared at the door, which just stood there like nothing happened. “A-are you okay now, E?” asked Beth, looking concerned. I saw that a small crowd had formed around us. I grunted and sat up. “I told you that we shouldn’t have eaten those mushrooms!” said Beth, sounding complaining. I just stared blankly at her. “They are the cause of your hallucinations!” I finally understood that Beth was trying to act like it were the mushrooms’ fault (If I were a mushroom I would yell “Liar!” at the top of my lungs. I’m pretty sure that the all the mushrooms in the world were trying to do that, since I saw the mushroom packets nearby squirming. Maybe it’s just my imagination…) so that normal mortals wouldn’t become suspicious of me and think that thirteen year olds being alcoholics was some kind of new trend.

After the crowd was gone, I told Beth everything that happened. Beth listened to me carefully. “I know what was behind the door,” Beth whispered after I was done.

“It was the secret lair of MHOs.”


It's a bit long, yes, and the first 6 paragraphs were complete gibberish, but please do tell me what you thought about it! I'm not much of a writer, and this is one of my first long stories.

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This is just one of my small writing projects which I got inspired to do after thinking up an alternate version of one of my favourite characters. It's not all that good since I wrote it in under ten minutes, but I thought it'd be nice to share one of my short writing projects instead of just hiding them away and never looking at them again.


“Why do bad things happen to good people?” frowning just slightly I looked down at the little boy sitting in front of me, his big green eyes staring into mine as he let out another curious question. He'd asked me once before why people had to die and I'd explained that everyone had to die at some point or other, but this question ... this was a question even adults still struggled to answer.
“Why do you ask?” I asked even though knew it had been due to the story I'd told him of his mother ... she'd died before he could even walk and he always wanted to know more about her, which I occasionally inclined to do even though it brought back so many painful memories.
“Because momma didn't do anything wrong.” the way his expression changed from one of curiousity to one of sadness made my heart ache. He was too young to be asking such grown up questions.
“No, but that's not what defines who lives and who dies.” I wasn't quite sure how to explain this situation to him. He was, after all, only six years old.
“Then why?” his head tilted to the side and his curly brown hair shifted with him. “Why did momma have to die?” he asked these questions so easily, as if they didn't tear him apart inside, but he was just a child and I couldn't expect him to feel as much pain and regret as I did. I'd be surprised if he could even remember her ...
“When you play in the meadow, which flowers do you pick?”
“The pretty ones!” he blurted out as his smile quickly came back making his eyes light up. “That way we can keep them in the vase by the window.” his little smile brightened his entire face and I felt my regret growing ... She should be here to see him grow up, to see him smile and laugh. She should have been here when he first said her name, or picked flowers to bring home. She should be here now.
“Yes, we pick those flowers because they are the prettiest ...” my voice was low and full of sadness as I spoke which he quickly noticed, his smile fading. “So why wouldn't death do the same?” my eyes rose to meet his once more and I frowned, “Your mother was beautiful, she was the prettiest flower I'd ever seen and I suppose that is why she was picked so soon.”
“B-but ...” his little hands curled and uncurled as he tried to find the words he was searching for. “You won't leave me, will you?” his eyes were full of fear as he crawled closser to me, trying to make sure I wasn't going anywhere.
“No, I won't leave you.” I replied quickly as I picked him up and hugged him close, “I swear, I will always protect you.”

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Here's a little something that I've been working on. I'm planning on making it an ongoing series but here's the first chapter in the meantime.

Chapter 1    
In a groggy stupor hardly able to keep his eyes open, a young boy slumps in the back seat of his mother’s silver sedan. Why’d we have to leave so early? The boy wonders to himself pulling his soft beanie over his eyes like a sleep mask. As the sedan slides through the snowy night, the car’s heater provides no relief from the frosty air just outside, due to it being broken, so the boy bundles himself up in his plush green winter jacket to keep away the cold. Finding the monotonous hum of the engine relaxing as his mother navigates the snowy roads of a town that he doesn’t know the name of, the boy drifts to sleep. “Mark?” His mother calls to him pulling him back from the edge of consciousness. “Yes?” Mark replies groggily, slightly frustrated to still find himself conscious. “I need you to stay awake honey, we’ll be there soon.” She continues softly, easing Mark’s frustrations. “Where are we going anyway Mom?” Mark asks, accepting that sleep has eluded him for now. “I’m taking you to see someone.” Well that was really vague. “Couldn’t it have waited til later?” Mark asks somberly. “No… It couldn’t.” By his mother’s tone Mark knew that he should let the matter drop because he wouldn’t get any kind of answer. The less you know the better, Mark. The washed out light of the headlights reflected beautifully off of the falling snow, creating a glittery frenzy before them. The snowfall, although beautiful, fell in torrents that made it just shy of impossible for Mark’s mom to see any farther than 4 feet in front of the car. Fixing her hazel eyes onto the road Mark’s mom struggles to keep the car on track. Did it have to snow now? She grips the steering wheel tightly as if the tighter she holds the more in control she will become.
    Seeing his mom in this way Mark knows better than to distract her from driving. But what the heck am I supposed to do in the meantime? It is then that Mark remembers the cold rectangular plastic in his pant pocket. Thank God! My DS. Reaching into the pocket of his worn out jeans Mark retrieves his portable game and switches it on. After several moments playing his game, Mark gets the uneasy feeling that he is being watched by… something. Peering out the passenger side window Mark sees nothing beyond the thick curtain of snow. Nothing. Still unable to shake the feeling Mark crawls to the other side of the car to peer through the window… Still nothing. 

    Five hundred yards down the snowy road, three men stand together spread across the road, awaiting their target. Bundled in thick, black, knee-length coats, the men were told to retrieve a young boy, killing the mother in the process.  And the men knew failing The Master was nothing short of a death wish. They wore black masks to conceal their identities from not only their target but each other. Almost identical, the masks covered the entirety of their faces with protective mesh over the eyes. The only markings that distinguished each mask from the other was the various shapes on the foreheads of the masks. A crescent moon… A flame… A white hare. 
Each of the three knew nothing of the others, and yet they had united under a common cause, The Master. The light that had shone onto them in their darkest hour, each of them felt an undying loyalty to The Master, one that would now be put to the test. Unitum Stabit.



I know it's not much, but if any of you guys/gals are interested in reading more let me know:D

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arghhh I'm bad at writing short stories 'cause I like writing big novels rather than ending a story abruptly, but that doesn't stop me from writing! this story seems bit too poetic, I'm a better poet than a story writer, but stories seem to intrigue me more.


   She stared at the long stretched alley before her, the same familiar way she used to get back home after school. She heaved a huge sigh, exhausted from everything about her life. "Wish I could be someone else" she mumbled as she soberly stepped onto the path which suffocated her legs from its familiarity. 

             She slowly walked past each block and was stopped all too sudden. Astounded, she stared into the old glass pane on the building, her eyes grew wide. She saw herself, a faint reflection, yet so subtly beautiful that she was enchanted. Time felt frozen as she stood there unaware of everything around her, almost like in a trance.

She found happiness, something she sought all her life. she went home, enlivened, life seemed so strangely beautiful. She stared deep down the mirror in her room, it didn't have the subtle beauty of the window pane, her wondrous dream world. The magic seemed to be limited only to that old glass pane of the run down building. 

Every day, she walked down the alley to the window pane and rekindled with her joy. Her reflection on it seemed  to become brighter and brighter every day and she found it difficult to part with the friendly reflection of herself. At home, when she stared into her own mirror, she found it dull day by day, faint and lifeless. 

Just like all the days, she came to her wonderful reflection in the glass pane, to meet with its ethereal blithe, yet to her dismay before her stood the glowing reflection of a stranger, someone unrecognizable. She found her dream world shattered, all the joy drained out of her life, her only bliss seemed strange to her. She took a piece of stone from the ground, clasped it tight near her heart and with tears rolling down her cheeks, with all her strength, send the rock crashing to the window pane, breaking it into a million shining pieces each with her reflection in tears. 

Her deep wounded heart took her home, sunken in dark shadows of depression, she went near the mirror in her room. 

Hoping to see the almost faint, empty reflection, she stared at the mirror.

In it stood herself, the same old her, the her she was tired of, the one she wished to change. The old her, the real her.

She with bitter guilt, traced through the reflection embracing it with a heart wrenching moan.

"She had found herself."



Let me know what you guys think about this story :P 



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The Garden's Ghost


In the pale moonlight of a winters night I often walk through these gardens with my heart in my hands, touching each flower and letting the roses thorns prick my fingertips. Watching the little droplets of blood emerge and drip down my hand is something I've become accustomed to after all these nights of long walks in the dark. Looking down at the tough earth, it's green grass bracing for winters snow and the cold wind that will soon flatten it lower 'til it is beaten down and bent in the storms, I leave my boot prints behind.
I walk these grounds in the dark, for that is when no one notices this ghostly figure who appears every night on the same hour. No one notices the trail of crimson that is left behind on those pure white lilies, nor the boot prints left in my wake. No one else wanders these grounds, for the gardens are forgotten by most ... it is instead home to the ghost who walks these grounds, his lips sealed shut from his desire to keep his sobs from sounding out.
No one notices this ghost, nor do they notice the graveyard ... for on my lips a thousand words have died and on my tongue a thousand screams have wished to be uttered, but not a single one has escaped my mouth.
My lips are cold and blue, perhaps from the winter breeze or perhaps from the ghosts which haunt me, for my mouth is a graveyard full of all those words I should have said ... all the words I wanted to say but never could. Now they lie in their graves, hidden behind my lips. These lips that utter only few words for fearing of giving too much away. These lips that barely open for fear of the ghosts tumbling out. These lips always turned down in a frown for fear of crying once more ... for it is easier to hide my ghosts behind a façade of contempt, rather than let them out and pay the price.

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Just made up this one.:)

"It was coming from the old bedroom. The dripping sound became louder. I mustered all my courage to grab the door handle and say "Open". What I found truly shocked me. My artificial dog was lying in a pool of real dog blood, and Mama was standing beside him, with her suit tinted the color of blue blood."

I sighed and sat back into my chair. It was 4 a.m., and I was getting tired of writing so-called cliche horror stories for the Internet. After all, that's all what they accept now. I have heard heart-stopping stories from my great-great grandmother, who is about 92 years old, which is young for her age. Turns out people way back had better stories than now. Even though our technologies are way better than theirs were, they were still happier than us. They didn't have only 2 million people left on the Earth while all the others went to Venus and Mars, which are now livable thanks to scientists. The two million people left behind were the less fortunate ones, including me. 

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by my mother's voice, which told me to have an early breakfast since supplies were short today and would last only 3 or 4 hours from now on, before they would vanish. I made my way down to the kitchen and saw that my mother had opened my can already. I sat down, said "Spoon" and ate with the spoon that zoomed to me from the racks. "Proxyn," she said as she sat down beside me. She looked like she had been crying. "We're getting executed now." My spoon fell with a clatter as 11 hooded robots came forward and, with a swift move, drove the knife through my heart. Tears were already streaming down my face as I though about how much of an animal those rich people are. There weren't much food left in the world anymore. The robots took out the knife and raised it once again to chop me up. After all, we are just food.


I didn't put much effort into this one. It seems really boring to me. What do you think?

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I'm not that skilled but here check it out :$... MY IMAGINATION JUST RAN WILD! :o

The Deviant Class

Chapter 1

The world is at the verge of war, now humanity rests at Finland, with a large wall surrounding the borders of the Nation to keep them away..

1 month earlier…


       Hmm..from the looks of things, everything will be a simple, ordinary day I presume. The door then swiftly opens getting all of our attention, “ ok class, this might be a surprise but we’re having a field trip, right now!,” my mind changed, I think it’s not goanna be a simple day after all.

Okinawa, Japan     

      From the windows of the bus we were riding I was watching the seaside and the sun’s bright reflection on it, the palm trees beside it was beautiful, the scenery was amazing. I turned my head and looked on my phone, I then played the game I downloaded on the Game Store earlier. My gaming suddenly stopped the moment I heard the breaks screech and my head suddenly bumping violently on the seat in front of me, everything stopped. My head was painfully hurting, I felt really dizzy, still I used a little of my strength to stand up, I held onto the seat in front of me, I stopped for a while and took my hand of my head. My hand was soaked with blood, then as I looked on the driver’s seat I saw a scorching flame, I swiftly checked every soul on the bus, hoping to save one, or more. Luckily, everyone was still breathing and with everything I had I tried to wake them up, but the flame was growing to big, I haven’t got a choice but to jump. But someone suddenly grabbed hold of my hand, “Please don’t abandon me,” it was my classmate. Seeing that she was awake I felt relieved, I then pulled her and carried her onto the back, I broke the window to escape the burning bus. I held her hand as she escaped through the window, I then jumped after that, finally we were out of the burning bus.

      Then the next thing that happened scared the hell out of me as I heard my classmate’s scream all over the place, “ Hey, what’s wrong,” I then turned around to witness a giant beast grasping my classmate on its grip. “What the hell,” I said in a frightened state, “ what the hell is that?.” The beast was not something that you would see in a normal day.

      SPLAT!… my soul was almost gone in a moment, after large amounts of blood splattered all over the place and in my face. I asked myself, “ Am I dreaming right now?,” I slapped my face over and over and over and over again. It was really devastating to see a classmate you just saw earlier and now she’s ripped apart covered in blood.

      I screamed out as loud as I can as I ran away from the scene, the next I didn’t want to see was the beast on the sky, it leaped really high up in the sky. The worst thing that happened was that I tripped while I was running, no one wants to trip while being chased by a monster. I was breathing out loud, I was so afraid with my life I didn’t know what to do anymore. That moment I decided,  I should just die.

      I closed my eyes and smiled, I held my breath as I heard the beast drew near me. Then suddenly the footsteps stopped all of the sudden, I twitched my eyes a bit as I slowly opened it to see what was happening. I then felt something filthy sprinkled upon my face, it was something that I had already felt before, it was hard opening my eyes since all I could see was red. It was blood dripping all over my face. I used my hand to wipe it out. As the blood on my eyes was gone I then opened my eyes, I saw something extraordinary, a long hair. It was a girl, her hair was like it was filled with blood, it was the same color as blood, the dagger she was holding was bloody. I looked beyond her and there I saw the beast before, bleeding.

“ What you looking at?,” I turned my attention at the girl, she had all her eyes on me. “ Stop looking like that, it feels so weird.” I smirked my mouth, and suddenly I burst out of laughter, “ Why are you laughing?,” she asked. “ Yeah it feels so weird!, this is a dream right? something out of a fantasy thing?,” I punched myself again and again. “ Hey stop that,” she told me, “ What are you doing!.” She then grabbed hold of my hand and stopped me, “ Hey stop whatever you are doing!.” My tears started falling while she looked at me with a concerned face, “ What are you doing? Why are you crying?.” I replied, “ I need to wake up!, this is not reality at all! it’s not reality!,” she hugged me out of a sudden. “ I know how it feels.” She hugged me as I continued crying like a baby, and out of a sudden I fell unconscious, “Hey wake up!,” she shook me.

     2 hours later, Termolite Extermination Program Agency HQ, Finland

     I woke up to the sound of beeps, “ you’re awake,” I saw the girl before with two daggers beside me sitting. “ I was afraid you were gonna die, due to the large amount of blood loss, fortunately the doctors could save you,” she said. “ Why are you so concerned about me? we met like earlier?,” I said weakly. “ I know much of you, Brother.” I was shocked, “ Brother? I didn’t know I had a sister..,” I felt surprised as I realized that the one sitting beside me was my blood-relative, My sister.

“ Nownow bro, you don’t have to worry about that, what you’re suppose to worrying about is the state of our world,” she said to me. “ Why?, what has happened?,” I replied. “ That beast you saw earlier, was one of many, they’re called Termolites, former humans infected with the termo virus that started in Argentina, now the world is infected and all the remaining survivors, including you brother is stationed here in Finland.”

   “Now if I may, I have some other things to do, see you later brother.” She left the room, I rested my body for a while…

    1 hour later..

I woke up, my body felt different this time. Not a wound or anything, but I felt something has changed in my body. I woke up in a tall cylindrical room, I stood up and it was dark. Light suddenly rushed onto my eyes from the large lights that surrounded the room and there was people on the windows high above the sides of the room. “ Subject 104, HishikoKaito, what are you feeling?,” the voice, supposedly coming from one of the people above asked. “It feels really weird something feels really weird,” I replied. “ Ah, I see.. don’t worry that just means that you have passed the first test,” the voice said. I shook my head, “what test?.” the voice continued, “ patience, now I want you to meet someone.” As he said, I waited with patience and stood there as I slowly heard a loud creaking somewhere, but it was dark so I could not see anything. Memories went running to my mind as I remembered the event earlier the moment I saw a beast with the same face, I calmed myself and to release my stressed I ran towards the beast and punched him in the chest.

      The beast rocketed towards the walls of the room and splattered blood, I felt relieved. “ What is this strength?,” I could not believe with my what I was seeing, with my own fists, I punched a giant monster like that? “Ah, it seems you have acquired much strength from the injection of the sei-virus,” the voice said. “Sei-Virus?,” I asked, “ though the world has thought the viruses was a danger to mankind, for the first time in our history a virus was capable of helping mankind instead of destroying us, the Sei-Virus, capable of giving man powers that are out of your usual imagination.”

      “Now, let us send more in,” I heard many creaks of doors opening around me, I stood upon waiting. I closed my eyes and waited for the right time. I sensed the presence of a termolite pouncing at me and so I was right, I looked at the direction of where I sensed it and I saw in front of me was the monster I hated the most, I evaded it. The world felt very slow, as I evaded the attack really fast. “ Gorgeous!, you don’t only have much strength but keen sense, like really keen!.”

      I was filled with blood as I ended my rage with the termolites all on the ground, I smirked.


Chapter 2

               The chopper’s rotors were rotating fast to keep its altitude, and I was sitting down on one of its seat. I was wearing an armor that SWAT teams would wear but much protective, made of a new metal called Inomium, named after Lake Inari in Finland. It was pretty cool, we tested it out before we left the facility. The armor was without a doubt much stronger than Diamond.

              “ Hey Hishiko, let’s cut to the chase…uh… take a look,” the pilot said while I was tying my shoes surprising me, suddenly causing me to stand up and hitting my head on the roof of the helicopter. “Shit, that hurts… look at what?,” I replied while comforting my head. “Down there,” he replied immediately. I followed what he said and looked down and saw an army of TEPA soldiers with their guns that uses Anti-Termo bullets to hurt the huge army of termolites heading their way. “Oh, the soldiers fight well,” I complimented.

 “What do you think? They trained them great, really- wait a minute, get down there!,” the pilot shouted at me. “ Sorry, sire!,” I laughed while apologizing, I then wore my favorite hoodie and covered my head with it.

               I jumped down, landing behind the TEPA soldiers, I called out to them. “ Hey guys!!!, nice to meet you, the name’s HishikoKaito, Private Seiron,” I introduced myself childishly. Then I suddenly heard the scream of one of the TEPA soldier in agony. I then ran to their position and threw every soldier up in the helicopter putting them in safe hands. “ Heytermolites,” the Termolites also looked at me, must’ve reacted to sound. “Pick someone your own size!.”

              The termolites approached me really fast, then I did my usual thing. I closed my eyes, while waiting for the sense of an attack and a blood thirsty thing’s pounce into its prey. The moment I sensed the attack of the Termolite, I swiftly opened my eyes and evaded its attack, kicking its face with my boots sending it flying onto its other comrades, I watched them fall one by one like dominos. After that one attack, there were only a bit of termolites left to attack me, I sighed, “ Is this all of them?,” I called onto the pilot using the Radio Transmitter that the HQ gave me earlier before I left. The pilot replied, “ don’t feel so relaxed take a look over there, 3 PM of you” I looked at the direction, and there I saw termolite different from the others, it was a titan-sized termolite. I looked around the city, “there’s no civilians in the city right?,” I asked the pilot, and he replied within a few seconds, “No, what do you expect dumbass?!.” I scratched my head, “ I see.”

            I then took a last look and sat down, I sticked my hand together. “What are you doing Kaito?,” the pilot asked. I was silent for a minute giving the termolite to walk towards me and I can still hear the pilot’s voice shouting over the radio transmitter. After a while, I opened my eyes to see the monster standing in front of me, I blinked to see its fist heading towards me.

For a normal human, I’m supposed to be crushed like an ant right now. I held the termolite’s hand for a few seconds. This time, I was already sweating, the termolite’s strength was great, but not enough to match mine. I then grasped its finger and pulled him, the monster’s body digged the ground deeply, then before his body would collide to mine I then kicked its stomach, and sending him flying up in the sky. To finish the termolite off, I called the pilot, “ can you do me a favor?” The pilot then replied, “hmm?,” I clicked on my radio transmitter once again, “when the termolite reaches your altitude, could you be kind to shoot it?,” the pilot clearly accepted my favor.

          I looked up the sky and saw the termolite being hit by anti-termo missiles blowing the termolite up while it was in its weakened state. “Good job, Kaito,” the pilot praised. “Thank you sir, now if you would be kind and land so I could climb in,” I said. The helicopter then lowered its altitude and landing once and for all in the ground, I then walked towards it and sat on one of the seats. “Oh, where’s the other soldiers?,” I asked. “ I sent them back to HQ while you were fighting those hordes of termolites,” the pilot replied. “ Oh, that’s believable, but what such speed how did you manage to send them that fast,” I also replied.

           He was then pushing some random buttons, but that’s just how it looks like to normal people like me, that aren’t pilots. “So what are you doing, Pilot sir?,” I asked. “Oh. you wanted me to go faster right?,” the pilot replied. Then in a blink of an eye we went on the speed of sound, reaching the HQ in an approximate 10 seconds.

         The moment the helicopter landed on the helipad, I went out and I felt really dizzy after that ultra-speed ride.

        “Thanks for the… *puke*..ride,” I thanked the pilot with much dizziness, I was crouching on the helipad. Then  before I knew it, I was carried and laid down on a wheeled-bed and sent to the clinic, I was drousing.

Few Hours Later…

         “ Brother, you’ve done a  good job, I’m so proud to be your sister!,” once again my sister was beside me all-worried, though I still don’t know why I’m her brother. There must be some story behind it, the last time I remembered seeing my little sister was when I was in middle school and after that day I was separated with my little sister, and I suppose the one beside me right now is my sister from before, there were some similarities, but I could not confirm whether it’s her or not. That’s when I remembered, I don’t even know her, “ Umm, little sister.. I forgot to ask you but, what is your name?”

         “ I’m sorry, brother, silly me I forgot to tell you before!, I’m ShiromiKaito, your little sister!,” for the first time she finally introduced her name, though I didn’t have any memory to prove that she was really my little sister, I forgot how my little sister looked like and though we had some pics inside the house, I can’t easily reach it due to the influence of the termo virus around the word that keeps me from going back to Japan and taking a look at the past by taking a look at the pictures we had in that little chest where I put the old pictures back in the middle school, and that includes our picture with my little sister.

“ I’m sorry, Shiromi, but I couldn’t remember anything about you,” I said looking down. Shiromi, feeling down then replied, “ I see, I hope you recover your memories soon enough,” she then left after that.

         After  that long rest, I went to the training grounds to train with the others, there I saw Professor Hideki, the guy that was guiding me through the seiron training program, the thing that I did yesterday in that cylindrical room.

         While I was doing pull-ups I was approached by two people, one in an everyday clothing and another which seems to be a TEPA soldier, due to the assault vest that he was wearing and a name tag beside it, yea probably.

        I stood in front of the TEPA soldier, then he started talking, “ Good day, Kaito, you know that every seiron has to have a partner in its everyday life, that includes a lot of stressful missions while we try to reconquer the world away from Termolite danger.” I replied, “ what of it?” The soldier introduced me to the other person standing beside him, which I presume to be also a Seiron, but I couldn’t know what was his or her gender due to the cover by its hoodie.

“ MeetRinNatsuki, your new partner, she also came from Japan that’s great right?,” the officer said. “Uhh..yeah, well (she’s… pretty),” I blushed which is unusual for guys to occur, but her beauty shone upon my eyes.

“ It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kaito,” she greeted. “Let’s have a good time, Natsuki!,” I smiled then shaked her hands.

“ So now that you a partnership is created between the two of you, how about we test you both on a mission, your first mission with each other,” the officer said, “oh and by the way, I am Lt. Adrian Mannerheim and I am the officer-in-charge for both of you, and also your guide and navigator for all missions you will do through the years until we successfully retake our world, and your first mission will first occur outside the walls, Kaito, the mission you did earlier wasn’t outside the walls right?”

“ Yeah,” I replied. “ was it already challenging for you?,” Mannerheim continued. “if it was, then outside the walls would be much harder, there are much numbers of termolites out there and all kinds too, ranging from humans to animals that were infected by the termo-virus.”

“ without further ado, you two please follow me,” Mannerheim turned and walked towards the exit of the training grounds, back into the main HQ. We were led into the armory, there we suited ourselves with Inomium Armor. The speaker on the upper corner of the wall suddenly sounded while we were suiting up, “ Kaito and Rin, please head to the helipad mission log room immediately,” it was Mannerheim again. I quickly ended changing and went outside, but before I left I told Rin to hurry, I didn’t know what she was doing, I only know that she was changing due to the separation between men and women in the armory, like a comfort room.

    I reached the mission log room before Rin could and there I met Mannerheim again and greeted him, “Ah Kaito, finally you’re here,” he gave me a folder sticked with a paper in front, probably the mission log, “ you are to exit the walls and begin the conquest of Kiruna, the town in the far north of Sweden, it will probably be the first mission of the TEPA in Sweden, while the others are also beginning the conquest of Russia, 2 seironswere sent as well.

St. Petersburg, Russia – Marcelle Okafor’s POV

Name: Marcelle Okafor, Place of Origin: South Africa, Age: 16, Classification: Human-Sei Hybrid (Seiron), Rank: SergeantSeiron

    “ Commence the final sweep in the area, we must make sure that there are no termolites left, Good work Marcelle, you made a good fight against that TermolitesKomandir (Commander), seeing that it seems that are not only normal termolites, but also battle tacticians, Rokosovsky out.” our officer-in-charge: Ken Rokosovsky said via Radio Transmitter. “ Thank you sir, we will now commence the final sweep,” I replied. “ Ivanov, how are things on your position?,” I asked (radio transmitter).

“ Clear sir, there are no signs of Seiron in the area, mission is a success, my hometown is safe from Termolite hands,” Ivanov replied.

Name: Sania Ivanov, Place of Origin: St.Petersburg, Russia. Classification: Human-Sei Hybrid (Seiron), Rank: Corporal Seiron

After that mission, the TEPA occupied St. Petersburg and created a headquarters, our first headquarters in Russia.

Parakka, Sweden – HishikoKaito’s POV

Me and Natsuki were now in Parakka, not far from Torne River. From our recent experience, we haven’t encountered any hostility yet.

“ HeyKaito, have you heard about the success of Commander Rokosovsky troops in St. Petersburg? They created a base there, the seirons that are working for him are pretty strong I heard,” Mannerheim suddenly said on the Radio Transmitter. “ Really?, that’s amazing!,” I replied, I cannot believe how incredible must be the Seirons that fought in St. Petersburg. “ Why are you so happy? We need to focus on our mission right now, and keep an eye out for hostiles,” Natsuki suddenly barged. “ Sorry, I was just thinking how it feels like to be strong, like them,” I replied. “ Being strong isn’t something you can get, you must achieve it,” Natsuki replied. I was about to reply when suddenly a Termolite that resembles a familiar person in front, “Bernadotte?,” I said. “ Folke Bernadotte?,” Natsuki asked. “How could  that be?” I replied, “Seems like this virus must have some zombie effect on it.” I prepared myself, Natsuki did the same as well,I was shocked to see wings grew out of Natsuki’s back. “ You can fly!, amazing!, wait… can’t we just use that ability to fly to Kiruna?,” I asked. “Negative, Termolite’s can jump very high they can absolutely reach me, and it makes the probability rate of that high while I’m carrying you,” Natsuki replied. After showing her wings that totally amazed me, a sword made of purple fire came out of nowhere, “ you have that too?, that’s great,” I said. “ Kaito, this is not the time to be amazed, get yourself ready as we’re about to face those army of Termolites that are mostly soldiers turned termolites of the Swedish army, now being led by Folke Bernadotte, a dead one perhaps,” Natsuki replied.

“ Ok then, let’s get it on! Bernadotte!,”…..

Chapter 3

Parakka, Sweden – 4:00 PM

          “ Let’s get it on Natsuki!,” I shouted, Natsuki flew up high and dive down as fast as a peregrine falcon and used her move that I call the “Dive Slash,” because she dived and slashed the termolites in her way which was truly majestic to look at. I too tried to show off to Natsuki by running towards the termolites and doing my usual thing, punching them, the only way I could defeat them in one-hit was punching them on their faces which is vulnerable, which is free of any armor.

           As I kill many of the termolites, I then acquire a wound from one of the attacks of a termolite. I stopped for a while as I feel the pain and my blood run out of the wound, I held it and cleanse it using the towel that I was carrying. I then continued the fight and as I resume I failed to see anyone left standing but Natsuki, she did a fine job. “ Good grief Natsuki, you’ve massacred them all, I suppose I should not make fun of you or else I’ll die,” I said. I walked slowly towards her position as I checked the corpses for anything that I could use.

         A shadow lurked from behind I rolled forward to evade the crashing steel that went hard on the ground. “ It seems like it won’t end as fast as we thought it to be Kaito, and by the way. I’m tired,” Natsuki said. That’s when I realized the wounds around her body, “ Natsuki! No!,” I then ran towards her and took a bandage from my belt bag, I treated and covered her wound while the enemy waited for me from behind. “ Keep resting, Natsuki.”

Looking at me from behind was once again the resurrected Folke Bernadotte with a large grin on his mouth. “ Let’s end this Bernadotte, you’ll pay for what happened to Natsuki,” I activated the weapon that was built by my own cells just like Natsuki’s fiery sword. For me, I was carrying two handguns. I was shock to learn that the monster that was facing me suddenly talked, “ Haha…hahahaha!!!,” laughing evilly he then suddenly stopped and took on a serious face, “ you think I would fall easily, human?.”

      “ tsk, you prideful mongrel, don’t think so low of our  kind,” I was filled with hate and anger every moment I looked at the face of a guy who was once a human and now thinking lowly of us. “ don’t forget you were human too! Once!” I then pointed my gun towards him and shot it, he tried to dodge it but once I activate my sei-weapon I would gain the power to move the bullets at ease with my very mind. I got his head, leaving a bullet-hole on his forehead. I turned my head towards Natsuki, when suddenly a rain started without warning.

         Once again, I heard the laugh of the monster who once called himself human. I was surprised when he suddenly became a large termolite like the one I’ve seen before but much muscular and stronger than before. He started building up power and finally giving me a punch. I dodged before it could even hit me and kicked him in the guts. He took the revenge and attacked again by kicking me, and I jumped and dodged it, I felt no emotion of what I was doing at that time, like I was out of control. I tried to finish the fight by punching him in the head really hard towards the ground with his face squeezed really hard.

His face was distorted and broken, covered in his own blood. He tried to stand up with the remaining strength he had, but before he had the chance I kicked his head and sat on his chest, punching his head again and again and again, without remorse. I  suddenly recovered my sanity when I suddenly remembered Natsuki, “ Natsuki, just hang in there.”

1 hour later, TEPA HQ  - 5:30 PM

Natsuki was taken to the clinic while I went to the mission log and reported the mission,  after that battle with Bernadotte the TEPA arrived just in time and sent in troops to clear the area, as far as I know, they set up an encampment. The moment me and Natsuki will return, we will be accompanied with the TEPA soldiers.

          I then hear a group of people chatting about a recent mission in, Norway was conquered in just 5 days by what they call as the Seiron fighter named, “ The Destroyer,” the strongest of us all.

        Mannerheim then approached me, “ how are you feeling Kaito?,” I was silence and was thinking of something else taking me a minute to finally reply, “ I’m fine, how about Natsuki? Is she okay?,” I asked. “ She had some wounds, but she’ll be alright,” Mannerheim answered. “ Thank God,” I felt relieved after the answer that he had just given. Curiosity then struck me then I asked Mannerheim, “ umm, out of curiosity, who is this Destroyer?,”

“ Ah, you’ve heard about the retaking of Norway I presume?, we now have 2 major HQs and a small one in St. Petersburg,” Mannerheim continued, “ this Destroyer that they speak of is none other than the Field Marshall Seiron: Victor Manstein, a truly gifted individual, he has an amazing and unique ability and a brain that he used in commanding the TEPA troops.”

“ Fascinating, that’s something you would expect from a Marshall,” I said. “ I’ll take my leave now, I’ll head to my quarters.”

“ Oh before you leave Kaito, I just want to tell you you’re promoted to Corporal as of now,” Mannerheim reminded. I was shocked and was really happy like a child receiving a Christmas gift, “really!, that’s awesome,” I suddenly hugged Mannerheim with power, “ Kaito, that hurts, let me go now… please???,”

“ Oh I’m sorry, I just don’t know how to thank you sir,” I said.

Moscow, Russia – Marcelle’s POV

“ Sania, keep an eye out, don’t be spotted,” I spoke like a gust of wind, I can’t bare to be heard by any termolite. We aren’t gonna be smelled by termolites anytime soon since we used that anti-termolite perfume that the TEPA made and they’re abundant right now. Every alley was filled with termolites walking around, searching for blood just like zombies. Sania had the sei-weapon: Angel, the sniper by using the weapon he could enter in a time-stop and move normally, the ability she gained from the virus was cloak. She can check any area without getting seen, but it shouldn’t be forgotten to be always aware of your surroundings even if you had an ability of cloak because the termolite can still smell  which is not that useful, but still we have a perfume so she could use her ability to sneak in the headquarters, which is still useless. So in short, Sania’sabilities is not so useful except for her abilities when using Angel, which is truly outstanding and the fact that she has an expertise in martial arts.

Sania suddenly jumped from the rooftops onto the other building getting a better shot, but I suddenly called ran onto her, her dumbness was already working its way through her mind. If she shots the sniper it would create a huge noise that would get the termolites’ attention.

    “ Sania, leave this all to me, I can deal with them on my own,” I said, leaving Sania waiting on the rooftop while I ran slowly got down the stairs and as I walk down the termolites suddenly caught a glimpse of me and started running towards me. If Sania is an expert of martial arts because she trained all her way into the KGB, well that doesn’t mean I don’t know martial arts, to be honest… I’m better at martial arts than her, she has just… better accuracy when using the sniper.

    I leaped from the clanking stairs and into the enemy horde, I was once a member of the SASF (South African Special Forces) until these termolites suddenly took everything from me.

3 years ago…

“ Help Me!”

“ Somebody Help!”

     I woke up realizing that everything was just a dream, I dreamt of a city filled with enormous monsters. Tsk, things like that can be true, I’ll just forget about that, it’s just fantasies of kids.


“ Who is it,” I asked whoever was behind my apartment’s door.  “ Come on, can’t you even recognize your best friend’s voice?,” as he said, it was my best friend: Shaka Pillay, I met him last year when I joined the SASF.

   I opened the door, showing the face of a happy go lucky guy smiling in front of me, “ what do you want? Happy go lucky?,” I asked. “ Have you forgotten? Today’s your date with Ella Musk, you lucky bastard!,” Shaka replied.

“ What time is it by the way?,” I asked, remembering the time that me and Ella planned, “ Oh, about that it’s 1:00 PM,” Shaka replied.

For ZULU’s sake, what the heck? We planned to meet on 12:00, I’m late , like totally late!


 Running as fast as I can, hoping Ella is still waiting in the park that we planned to meet. Right before I could lose my stamina I saw her sitting on a bench watching the chirping birds and the green of the trees of the park, being in the south was hot though, but not as hot as being on the equator.

“ Ella!, I’m sorry, I’ve made you wait long right?,” hardly breathing, I held onto my knee as I breath harder. “ Oh. no I just came,” she replied. “ Really?,” seeing the look on her face, I think she just lied there to make me feel better, but I feel sorry for making her wait for an hour.

“ Shall we go then?,” she insisted. She suddenly pulled my arm and held it with both of her arms, just like hugging someone. Not knowing where to go, I just watched and waited to where Ella would lead me to.

  She brought me to the cliff by the seaside with a bench, this was where we first met, before we even became together, the summer sun was very bright, though the weather was not that hot due to the number of clouds in the sky. We then sat down on the bench and looked at the sea.

  Sound of seagulls flying in the sky filled our ears, the next thing I heard was the sound of silence and the brightness all over my eyes. Over the horizon on the ocean, a large mushroom cloud has formed, a nuclear bomb was dropped.

… …

… … …

       I woke up at the site of destruction, the seaside was covered with water of the sea, I checked on Ella which was unconscious, luckily she was still breathing relieving me. We were far enough from the drop zone, we were safe.


 Cries of a mother suddenly filled my ears as I look down the seaside from the cliff and on the beach I saw a mother slowly backing while a child with a disfigured face and three-degree burned skin. That’s when I realized it was her son, I was left wondering why he was still alive after that nuclear explosion, and it seems like he, was after his own mother, his teeth are really spiky and long, is he trying to eat her mom?

      I was then outraged, how could he? How could he do that to his own mother? I then ran down leaving my unconscious girlfriend for a while, I went to the mother and pulled her away from the monster she once called her son, which was already dead and was resurrected as a monster.

     I brought out my gun, and shot him cold…


Chapter 4

           The shot was something I really regretted, I can’t believe I just killed a child..  NO… NO…, I did not kill him, he was already dead. RIGHT, I did not kill anyone at all, I couldn’t kill an innocent child. I felt really confused at the moment, I didn’t know what was happening to the world at the moment, a nuclear bomb… now a man-eating boy?

         I went to the mother, “ I’m really sorry for your loss, but right now I need you to shelter yourself somewhere safe, the city is in the middle of chaos,” the mother hesitated to leave for a while, until finally leaving and went into an apartment nearby, locking herself up.

       I suddenly remembered Ella, I then went running back to the top of the cliff and there I saw her still unconscious on the ground, looking at the situation of the city, my instincts suddenly made me carry Ella inside my car and drove her to the a safe place nearby,  I stopped at her place, at her apartment. Using the key I found from her bag I opened her apartment door .

     I laid her down on her sofa, I closed her windows’ curtains hoping not to get seen by any of those monsters. I sat down on another chair while looking at Ella, I was really worried on how she was feeling, I had a hard time keeping my eyes open after all that tiring events I’ve gone through and the nightmare that is still haunting me right now.

    I went to her apartment’s roof to look out for any of those monsters walking around the alleys. Using the binoculars that I gained from the SASF, I then found one of them over the stairs to her apartment. I then kept my pistol ready, but when I looked back the monster disappeared from my sight, I then heard the sound of a man from my back. I looked back to see a man with a hat, I couldn’t know who he was, but base from his mutilated hand, and yet he was alive, I could conclude that he was one of those monsters, probably the one I saw earlier with my binoculars.

“ What place is this?,” the monster spoke, I was shocked and at the same time amazed, though dead… wait are they? Are they really dead?

“ This is South Africa, the year 2029,” I replied. “ 2029? I guess this is what they call the future?, but all these things doesn’t concern me right now, now what I need to do… is see how you taste,” he then flips his hat upwards revealing his identity, what the heck?!

“ John Wilkes Booth?,” I said. “ the Abraham Lincoln assassin.”

“ Oh!, it seems like I’ve become more famous  through history than being an actor,” he continued.

   After he spoke the last word, he suddenly went silent. I took my time watching at his only one hand, listing ideas in my mind of what he might do next..shoot me? I presume that’s the most possible in my situation right now. His gun was very antique, it was from the 1800’s, it bullets might not be pointy like the bullets of today, but it’s still deadly no matter what, that’s something you should expect from a gun, to kill.

   I then suddenly felt much pain as I realized that he already stabbed me in my abdomen.

   Such speed…., it hurts…..  The Light is upon me…. It’s my end isn’t it?

  I then suddenly felt healed and the pain was gone immediately, my eyes suddenly opened. “ What just happened,” I wondered. I looked at the wound caused by the stab and I just realized that it suddenly turned into a scar in just a moment of time.

“ Are you gonna give up now?,” a voice asked.

   “ You!, what did you do to me!,” it was Booth, hearing that I then looked at him to see him bleeding black blood from his belly, parasite like creatures were crawling out from it. Seeing such disgust I covered my mouth as I suddenly felt nauseous.

   I then heard the laughing of booth, as I saw the wound on his body healing really fast, seeing this I was really scared what he would do to him again.

  “ You just won’t give up do you,” the voice which was a guy standing beside my weak body, he was wearing a large jacket, his hands was inside the jacket’s pockets, and by the looks on his face he was pretty confident about winning against  booth, there was a large quiver on his back and a bow as well.

  The guy then pulled one arrow from his quiver and when he suddenly pulled out an ironic action, he shot the arrow towards the sky than shooting it to his enemy that was standing too near from him. I felt really hopeless at the moment, I can’t believe I’m looking at the dumbest person in the world.

“ Hahaha, How dumb of you human!,” Booth said.

  He suddenly stopped talking when an arrow got on his soldier, he pulled it out in pain, “what the hell?”

   I was suddenly surprised when thousands of arrows suddenly rained on Booth.

What the heck!? This guy’s abilities are overpowered, my hopeless state suddenly went out and got changed by an exciting feeling. I might be able to live through this, this guy really has abilities, his confidence was for real.

About to hit Booth, he suddenly pulled out a dagger from his coat and I was really confused during that time, What would a dagger do against thousands of arrows? Then the most fictional and unbelievable thing happened, using just a dagger Booth began to deflect the arrows really fast, I could not see what was happening due to the speed.

     The guy, also trying to show off his skills pulled another arrow, that’s when I notice something unnatural, he was whispering to his arrow. “ multiply.”

    Once again, confusion struck my head, why is he whispering to a inanimate object? What came was more than before, it was 10x as many as before, millions of arrow were raining down on Booth. When I thought that it was the end for booth, I was wrong he again deflected them really fast.

    The thing that I didn’t expected happened before my very eyes, the guy that was protecting me was now bleeding. A dagger was stabbed on his chest and I can even see the dagger on his back from my eyes, it totally went through his body. Now I didn’t know what to do, I’m just a mere member of the SASF, I don’t have any abilities like these guys do. One final thing the guy did while he was bleeding was something of the unexpected, he then pulled one of his arrows from his quiver and shooting it again to the sky, he then whispered weakly, “ multiply to the greatest number you can ever think of.”

   I didn’t know what he was doing but from the looks of it, I think the arrows could understand what he was doing. He then embraced Booth really hard and tackled him down with him, he grabbed hold of booth as strong as he can as the arrows fell onto the two of them. I couldn’t look at such misery no more, I looked at the other side while my mind was completely broken, I think I’m just high or something like that. My hair  flew along with the wind as I laid down and see up a two-rotor chopper landing on the rooftop on the other building.

    At that time, I fell unconscious and after that I couldn’t remember what happened, the events that happened after that were training and everything leading up to me becoming a Seiron. I couldn’t remember the face of that guy that sacrificed his life for someone like me, and when I became a Seiron, the president of TEPA, told me that it was way better to leave my girlfriend alone, better to forget about me as they were transferring her to a safe haven, I didn’t know where that safe haven was but I know she’s in good hands, so during the first days of me being a Seiron, I couldn’t bare to forget about her but I was still focused on my missions, up unto this day she will always be in my mind.

 ….. ………… ………………… ………………..

“ Okafor, what the heck are you doing barging on your own?,” Sania shouted. “ You should not forget about teamwork!”

“ Oh I’m sorry, I guess you’re useless at the moment,” I teased. “Who’s useless?,” she replied as she came down from the rooftop and joining me in the battle.

Parakka, Sweden – HishikoKaito’s POV

“ Kaito, don’t worry you can go through this even without Natsuki’s help, you’re strong, you’ve already proven that when you battled with Bernadotte, also don’t worry  though, the soldiers will accompany you through the mission so you wouldn’t be alone,” Mannerheim reminded. “ I’m not worried! I can do this even just by myself,” I boasted. “ Kaito remember not to be filled by pride, it will become your weakness,” Mannerheim replied.

  After that he hanged the radio transmitter…

“ CorporalKaito, we have arrived,” the pilot said. I then walked down out of the helicopter, there I was encountered by soldiers, and one looking at me directly in the face, I responded my looking at him in the face, “ why are you looking at me like that?”

“ Oh I was? I’m really sorry about that,” being cute wouldn’t help *sigh*, she was a shyful woman just by looking at her face, but she has a really high rank. Like really high! She was Lt. Col.- “ I’m Lt. Col.-,” she stopped when I suddenly joined in ,” yeah I know.” I was not really sure if she was a Lt. Colonel or not, her attitude was not someone like it, well everything I’ve thinking so far was brought to waste when she suddenly went from a shy girl to a totally serious woman, “ Now, Corporal let’s talk about our job here, you are appointed to lead my soldiers to victory, but first you must destroy the nest that is on the south of Parakka, it’s not far, after that I will send my troops to clear the area.”


   *sigh* I’m alone again walking in these dark grassy areas. Well as she said, the nest was not far but when I reached it, I was encountered by thousands of termolites in Viking armor.

  Now things are getting weird, earlier it was Bernadotte now I’m encountered by an army of Vikings, and what’s worse? Their axes were not made of steel but of the metal in their blood, considering they were termolites the metal was something much much harder and much much stronger than steel itself.

  I too, readied myself, exercised my hands a bit and went running towards them.

  The first I encountered was really strong, he wielded the axe really fine, but it wasn’t that hard at the moment when the battle start, but it became hard when he suddenly made another axe on his other hand, as well as the other termolites. The horns of their helmet were not made of steel either, as I was stuck fighting one , I became much much stuck as the horns of their helmet became metallic tentacles suddenly getting me in their grips, I couldn’t move a bit, it was hard now, fighting against clones of one termolite Viking as strong as ten normal termolites. “ Well it seems, the little corporal needs help?,” I looked at the point from where I heard the voice. I saw a man in black wearing a hat, a military jacket and a cape.

.... ……….. ….









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This is a book I am working on, it is written in sort of a poetic way. It is about a Jiangshi, a chinese undead vampire. I may post more of it here later (or maybe I'll keep it to myself, lol) who knows. Anyway, tell me whatch'a think (if you feel like it). :D I intend to tackle some serious social issues with this. 




Darkness, a sound like hooves beating upon the ground and then… silence. A familiar smell entails a choice victim. Only a slingshot from the immutable stance of the emboldened figure whose name has yet to grace my tongue stands the prey. Weak and ripe for the raping, stout yet altogether senseless; it is an easy target for the musing mind of defilement.

The moon dare not shine her divine light on this moment; the grass dare not keep silent upon this violent apparition nor the wind attempt not to warn the witless victim. Yet, it is by cause and effect that Mother Nature functions and through superiority that she fortifies her lodgings.

A blood-stained beast of hell drenched in blood of an amount so much it alludes to post-pregnancy. His mouth, so dark and abhorrent, the blood of the innocent permanently permeating his taste-buds transforms a smile, a laugh, a yawn into a most surreal contradiction.

His fingers, spindly and raw serving almost as several misshapen proboscis threaten the victim even after death has said his cold good-byes. His hair, stale and unkempt turn-coat from its originality under the eye of the divine moon goddess; it serves as a scarlet foresight into the existence of this inhuman terror.

Thumping, a continual loathsome beating equatable unto that of the drums of war. A blood drenched orgy, dancing triumphantly almost as if in rebellion against the mance of the victim lying beneath him. A trail of entrails naught which the insects may refuse as their own. A meal deprived of meat with left none but a bone to with scorn the bypassing beast; a feast from which comes no sustenance but for the glutton of whom stripped bare all before the declaration prevailed unto the multitude.


Jiang Shi

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I am pretty new into writting but I wrote this for a friend who went through quite the stuff (btw, it is quite a lot of references to the songs of The Weeknd).


The rain is pouring down the window. A cold and frozen night in the middle of the city, it seemed that no ghosts of prevoius sins could wonder around. It is strange, peacefully strange. A strangeness that seemed familiar. It is my miserable life that I will be living after that event and like what everyone said "It will hurt in the end. The supreme punishment that only you could impose over me , just for trying to bite on the poisonous fruit of love.

The scent of you masked by sadness and sorrow of my agony. Tears dropping like the rain causing my eyes to itch for some reason, a "beacause" that I am not able to find. My hear, tonerd and shattered into millions of pieces, and impossinle puzzle that could only be compared to the uncertainity of your emotions.

Not even her love could have taken me out of this miserable and ordinary life. If you were my end goal, a heaven that I should achieve, then I prefer to go to my own helll. I've been on my own for long enough. 

I was blinded by the lights that she created while she walked away from life. I've seen your true colours, colours that you were painting while out love was running out of time. The pain of your smile is making me drown into what we could have been, pictures of you that can only be seen when a thunder strikes as a daily reminder of you, a false alarm that everyoen was screaming at me. 

The silence was broken by your cries of joy, almost seeming as you are in total pain while perceiving the end of the road. I fillowed that unique voice of yours, leading to your own quartered and rotten body. It seemed that your dark phylosophy hunted you.

I left the room with a smile on one end and a tear on the other.


Thanks for reading, let me know what could I improve with my writing and hope you have an awesome day in this time of uncertainity.


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