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Is anyone playing Player Unknown Battle Grounds here ?


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I was just wondering if anyone is playing this game here ?


I would also like to hear what are your views on it and what do you think of it being released on console

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I don't really play it, although I will say its nothing truely special.

My thoughts on it is that the gameplay itself is janky from time to time, but it does hold its own as a good arena shooter. The only thing I feel will happen is that in a year or two another one will come out with better quality, balancing and items which will completely steamrolle PUBG.

The release on console is to be expected. Its super popular, so why not provide it to all platforms, right? Either way the idea of playing any kind of shooter ( regardless of perspective) with a gamepad, seems a bit frustrating.

Either way, PUBG is probably one of the better games to be out right now, however I feel its more special because of its market trends, community accessibility and envelopment then it is for being a high quality game. Still though, I would give it an 8/9 out of 10.

Its great to watch as well! You get to see grown men camp in a corner for 10 odd muinits, get shot, the repeat :D

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