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I wanted to make this topic since there is more than anime I'm into and was curious if there is anyone out there that enjoys watching movies like myself. Don't get me wrong I'm into anime still but just was wondering if there is any movie fans out there as well.

What kinds of movies you like?

What's your favorite movie?

Did any movie ever you inspired you in some way?

For what kinds of movies I enjoy are anything really. I'm willing to give any kind a try to be honest. If I had to pick though it would be Fantasy, Science  fiction, Action, Mystery, Thriller, And some Horror. 

My favorite movie's is The Shallows. Why I like it is because it has an interesting story and its about survival and makes you think what would you did that that situation. And has a Shark that's I guess the bag guy in the movie and trying to kill the person at any cost. I would look it up online to find out more about it if your curious. I give it 5 stars if I had to rate it. ( my opinion )

For inspiration a lot of them helped me boast my creativity to do art related things and to even write. As for some kinds not really sure. Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit, Aliens, Riddick, Cloverfeild, Godzilla, Pacific Rim, Harry Potter, Jaws, Hush, The Raid so far that I can remember that inspired me. There is more and even probably some I have yet to discover. 


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There used to be at least one person here that was an extreme movie buff, but things happened and they probably will not return.

As for me, I can enjoy movies, but I have grown tired of them, mainly because Hollywood cannot seem to make great films anymore (we should have a topic about this somewhere, since most of the topics were carried over to the current platform.

Most of my favorite movies tend to be comedies, and my favorites ones are kind of old, like Tommy Boy and Happy Gilmore.

As for any movies being inspiring, I cannot really think of any. I have seen ones that have had heart, but I think that I have encountered more anime, manga, and VNs that were inspiring in some way.

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I made this thread a while ago didn't really had a lot of replies which is alright. I was now just curious if anyone seen any good movies lately? 

I've seen: Baby Driver, Hellrasier 1 & II, Teeth so far.

To be honest some were not the greatest but watched them anyway to see what they were about.

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I'm terrible at keeping up with American TV and movies. :P Mostly because usually I'd rather be watching anime, or because I'm terrible at returning Netflix DVDs to get something new. But, I really want to see the new Spider-Man, Beauty and the Beast, and Guardians of the Galaxy! (told you I was behind) I'm mostly into sci-fi. I've been really into Moana lately. I want to rewatch the newest Star Trek movie soon, I've only seen it once since I was so upset about Anton Yelchin's death.

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I'll watch most anything (with a few exceptions, most war movies or movies with explicit rape I won't watch) but there are very few that stick out in my mind as favorites. My husband is a horror flick junkie (all of October he was going Ch Ch Ch, ah ah ah...) and once I might have had a genre preference, but since I rarely watch TV these days (most of what I watch is hulu, Netflix, or purchased unless it's a show my husband wants me to watch with him) I have found that I just don't really care so much.  I am looking forward to watching Murder on the Orient Express tonight but I loved the book too.


My all time favorite movie is most likely October Sky.  It's inspiring and meaningful.  I remember I even got my father to sit down and watch it with me once and he loved it (brought out a lot of nostalgia for him and he sleeps through most movies), so I think it is something that most people could find inspiring.  The musical score is a good complement for the scenes as well, really enhancing rather than detracting from them. 

.My favorite 3D movie (we have a 3D tv and bluray player at home) would be Passengers.  It's totally up my alley as a Space Opera type.  The trailer had me thinking it would be one thing, but then it was something different which was a pleasant surprise.  If you "sub-genre" the list, my favorite "Marvel" movie would be without a doubt Dr. Strange (they need a sequel already!).  I've watched it a dozen times now (and 3 times in the theatre when it was out).  In fact, I really enjoy Dr. Strange in 3D too,,,so it's a close runner-up.  My favorite "anime" movie is really between Spirited Away and Children Who Chase Lost Voices.  They both really stick out in my mind as memorable, and I find myself going back to watch them both from time to time. 

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