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A Sleepy She-wolf ( Poetry & Prose collection )

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I wanted to share  even some more poetry of mine as well as some prose I've made. I'm really I'm not the best at writing but practicing all I can to improve. Please enjoy~


1. ) 

I smile.

I wait.

For you to come.

Into my arms again.

Holding you close.

I never want to let you go again.

So lets make this the most.

I know you have to leave once more when you came.

So I'll always treasure this moment.

Till the end of time.

Goodbye for now.

My love of mine.

2. )

Breathing in my last breath and letting go of all the pain left behind

Going towards something better in the great divine.

3. )

I love you.

Who ever you are.

Will you come soon?

Or will you come late?

I wish you would come now.

But if it can't be.

I'll wait a thousand life times if it has to be.

Your worth the wait.

Even if I die before we meet.

I know that you were out there for me.

Searching as I was too.

You'll never be far from my thoughts.

Never ever till time goes on.

I hope if we didn't meet we meet again.

In the next life my dear friend.

4. )

I've been through a lot of heart ache over the years and yet I found something deep within myself that gave me strength and kept me moving forward with my life. That is hope that I will find other people who do care for me and will stay in my life to support me through whatever I do. And to find Mr. right sometime down the line who will love me for me and be there always through thick and thin times. People ask me when I tell them my story how do you do it? How are you this strong of an young women? I say to them I try to be but like everyone one else we all have ups and downs and some days I'm not strong. But then I think to myself and give myself tough love,that if I doubt and let all those people win I lose forever and be sad again. So I toughen up and say screw them I'll prove them wrong and not let them win. I also say that support helps more than you know. Even if there is not a lot a little can go a long way. I give hope to others and also show kindness too. To tell them not to give up if I can do it you can too. I feel like a fallen angel at times as well. Since I once was hurt and now up again. To show the light and love to others in need. I help them up with all m being. To guide them if I can and show them its not the end but just the beginning.

5. )

What is love really?

Is it something you say to just say it?

Or is it something to say when you feel so much joy and happiness its hard to contain?

I think love is more than that.

More than just a word to say to your loved one.

More meaning behind it than ever before.

You say it to show that your love is true.

That your lover is the only one for you.

6. )

I miss the times we had.

The times we shared together.

All the good things that came with it.

But now thats gone and done.

I thought things were alright.

But things turned to the worst.

Worst of all I beleived you.

Believed that you cared for me.

You said in the end nothing to me to explain why.

Which makes me think I was nothing to you after all this time.

So I'll cherish some of the good memories we shared before you changed.

Goodbye you stupid excuse of a guy.

7. )

I lay awake one autumn night.

Thinking of the dream I just had.

The dream I just had of you.

Us walking in the park.

Hand in hand.

Looking at each other in the eyes and thinking this was the best moment of my life.

I finally found you and have you in my life.

My dream love and love of my life.

8. )

I had a conversation with God the other day. It seemed silly but I went on. God why do I always seem to get hurt by others even the ones I love? God replied to me in a whisper. It’s not that I mean you harm and that you always get hurt. I bring you people in your life so you can learn. What does that mean? I ask him. He replied once more. So you can learn to love each person dear that they may need your help when then think there end is near. I still was confused on what he was saying so I kept on speaking to him softly. I see God what you mean in some ways but in the end they always leave. God spoke again. That is true since your task was done so you can learn and grow from this and become strong. Strong for what? I pleaded to him. Strong so you will know when the right person comes in your life that will be the one who makes you whole. I see know on what you mean God that you give me people in my life that will make me strong if they go. So I can be on the right path to find that someone whoever that may be. Knowing there the one for me. That will stay and cherish me so. So I won't be alone again any more. Thank you God for your kind words of wisdom. And thus he was gone as quickly as he came. My end of admission.

9. )

I watch the raindrops fall on my window.

As I lay next to you then turn to you to smile.

Watching you sleep peaceful and sound.

Happiest I can feel so lucky to be.

With you and close.

Forever it seems.

I hold you dear as I stroke you hair.

And whisper to myself in the autumn air.  

I love this moment and wish it wouldn't end.

And take it all in like it was the end.

End of us both as we lay together.

Forever we’ll be close as ever.

10. )

A bittersweet beginning.

To a bittersweet end.  

I don’t deny we were friends till the end.

I thought more but you thought less.

Now it comes to a close and I lay it all to rest.

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Great Poems, the lot of them! Number 8 is my favourite. Your Poems are truly meaningful and inspirational and truthful. God has someone out there for everyone, you've just got to trust him; Bad things happen in life and they make people stronger, give them the will to fight on the next time something bad happens and bring them closer to there ultimate goal.

I truly love your poems, consider me a fan because these are some of the best poems I have read. Many poems are stupid and meaningless but yours speak straight to the heart. God works in mysterious ways, life throws at us problems, tribulations rise up but every experience can be learned from and help you grow as a person. There is a true and beautiful love waiting out there for all of us.

I once got into an argument with an Aetheist online because he said there could be no God since their was suffering, but without suffering, mankind would amount to nothing.

Thank you again for posting your work here on this forum. :) 

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Thanks for the reply though the whole God thing I understand what you mean but I bleaive it in my own way. True, that maybe there is something out there but everyone is different with there beliefs and such but don't mind for what you said just know everyone is different when it comes to that. And people should respect that everyone is different. Also know poetry, prose or anything  like that can't be meaningless since everyone has the right to express themselves and I don't think they are stupid just in my opinion. But thank you again for liking my work and really it's not the best. 

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