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SAO: Ordinal Scale (Some spoilers)

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So I don't know about anyone else but I enjoyed Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. I thought that the art and music was amazing and the animations were more smooth than any other season of that particular anime. I like that SAO went back to Kirito feeling scared and  alone along with losing friends one after another. I also felt that the final scene was an emotional one. Anyway I feel that SAO isn't the shit anime it used to be and if you still think that then at least, AT LEAST, give Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale a go and see how you feel about it.

(Thanks for reading)

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    • By SoullessMarshmallow
      Hello everyone~ As I promised, here are some (well, a lot) of photos from my first con. I'm sorry it took so long to upload, but I came down with a stomach ache and I was debating whether or not to blur my face in the photos, however, I decided against it because they're already up online anyway for the world to see!  
      (from QuietlyNerdy's Facebook page)

      (From jplushy's Facebook page - That's my mom next to me~)

      (From a twitter page owned by a big fan of the character I was cosplaying as that I found)
      Instagram photo by Cosplay Clique _ NY • Nov 20, 2017 at 11_36 PM • Instagram.html
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      And last, but not least, is this article from Gamespot. I was unable to obtain the picture, but here's the link to the article I'm in! ^^ I'm very proud of this accomplishment. 
      Also, I was photographed by two websites called "BleedingCool" and "Nardio", as well as someone who undergoes the name "Conman" or something of the sort on Instagram. If you see me on those websites or if you find the man's account, please let me know! ^^ I'd really like those pictures ASAP, thank you~   (And i'm so sorry for my awkward poses and smiles - I'm not used to being photographed, much less posing )
      This was honestly so much fun. When I entered the building the con was held in, I didn't expect to get so many people crowding around me asking for my picture! It was very overwhelming at first, but as the weekend passed, I soon got used to it ^^ The only time I really felt uncomfortable was when an older man tried to make do some very... suggestive, poses. But the rest was great. A lot of the people I met were really cool, mostly a bunch o' fellow dorks n' nerds. A couple of them kinda just stared at me with their phones out until I asked if they wanted a picture, and all they could respond with was, "Shinoa's my waifu."  They were all really nice and respectful, and I got a lot of compliments on my cosplay. 
      The mini stores there were great, too! I got Honey's bunny from OHHC and a plushie of Rem from Re:Zero. They were pretty pricey, but I was kind of expecting that anyways. 
      I also went to see the live action film of FMAB and the premiere of Gundam Thunderbolt and a live concert showcasing all the music in the Gundam premiere! I got an autograph from Thunderbolt's composer as well as a soundtrack, and I got interviewed by the Japanese news station that was filming the whole autograph session! I also got to meet FMAB's live action director, who was honestly really sweet. (By the way, the film was amazing).
      Lastly, but not least, I can't stress how at home I really felt there. I don't know how to explain it, it's just... wow. It really was amazing  I hope I get to go back next year ^^
      If you're all wondering, my whole costume is handmade. The scythe is made out of cardboard, pvc pipe, duck tape, paper mache, and green and black spray paint. My clothes are made of quilting fabric because the clothing fabric was too expensive for me  (I layered the fabric so it was thicker and wasn't see-through) and I got the buttons from Joanns. The only things that were bought was the wig and my boots. And if any of you are cosplaying Shinoa, then please feel free to message me if you need help on your costume. I know that she's a tough piece of work! 
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      Please...share your waifu/best girl for this world Forum to see
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      5th Tohno Akiha ( Tsukihime/Melty Blood )
      6th Arthuria Pendragon Alter ( Fate )
      7th Sakurauchi Riko ( Love Live )
      8th Nishikino Maki ( Love Live )
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      Medusa ~

      I am sooooo hyped!!!! My fave anime getting its own movie!! I love the new costumes, everybody looks so good; Also the new kind of VR, this is above and beyond hype for me personally. I also see Akhiko Kayaba up there!!! Eeeeeee!! Cant wait for this movie, for reals; This will be the #1 must see movie for me next year.
      Who else is hyped!?
      (Please don't post spoilers on this thread)