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You have dreams. I have dreams. We all do, unless you're a dead guy like @Wodahs-oto sama. I'm not really sure if he has dreams or not.:| Moving on! So we were talking about dreams, yes? I'm pretty sure potatoes don't have dreams. I'm talking to you, @RyePotatoes-san! Why am I getting so distracted? There are some dreams we remember, some we don't. Still remember that nightmare where you felt like you were falling? Here, have a cookie! I remember I used to have a nightmare where a headless man was chasing me and there was a broken bridge towards which I ran and fell through one of the cracks. But now I have even weirder abstract nightmares from which I wake up screaming my head off. But we were talking about dreams. Not nightmares. You didn't stop reading there when I brought in nightmares and reply that I was talking about dreams, not nightmares. I'll be haunting your nightmares from now on...but anyway, what was your latest dream like? Mine was a weird dream where I was running in the streets of London/Belfast and  fell down. Not exactly a nightmare, but my heart was racing faster than a cheetah.:D


That's me...right there...

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I'm a lucid dreamer, so I can take control of what I dream about, as well as details everything within the world I design. Its also pretty great, since I get to feel everything as if of was real :D

Anyway, my last dream was kind of boring to be fair. I was put on management duty for the task bots within my headquarters, so all I was doing was watching and testing the A.I's AI with Atsuko for the evening. I mean, we did solve a few errors, but most of them revolved around their own idiocy, so we just had to tell them what to do in detail and they did it.

Then after that I just spent the remainder of the time writing down notes for Ryu in the library. That was also pretty boring, but at least Miu came in and summoned an Imp on the table. She's getting better at that stuff I guess :/

But yeah, that's kind-of a basic summary of my evening :D

(If you have no clue what I am wrattling on about then don't worry about it XD)

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Dreams are a bit hard for me at the moment. While in high school my dreams got pretty intenser and I had a lot of vivid dreams or lucid kinds all the time. My dreams well.. aren't really pleasant and sometimes I remember them sometimes I don't. I suffer from insomnia so that's another thing with my sleeping issues. I don't really like dreaming so much since they're are always kind of scary in a way or bother me during the day after I wake up. Nightmares are my problem  the most right now but I do my best during the day to do positive things and also think positive, so I don't dream like that. True, I do like to watch some scary movies but not all the time. But mostly my dreams are about other things which I don't want to share since its personal. 

I remember one time I had a good dream a while back about myself walking in a forest with a katana by my side holding like samurai would do and was bare foot and wearing a kimono as well. Then all around me were birds in the sky flying about, while the sun peaked through the tree branches above me lighting up the ground I walked on. It was very quite other than the birds sometimes chirping and just was so peaceful. Then I came across a little stream and then stopped at the edge of it looking down at my reflection and smiling. Afterwords I woke up and smiled since it felt so nice and I felt at peace as well. Sorry if that sounds lame but that was my good dream I had.

A bad dream I had once was about me and a group of survivors trying to escape from a heard of zombies coming our way. Then we all went on the roof tops trying to wait it out or find another way to escape them somehow. Everyone was scared in the group including myself then all of a sudden everything goes still and the zombies slowly look towards me with there decaying faces and flesh falling off them. All I remember about it that I was so terrified to move and beyond scared just them starring at me. I woke up that night so afraid to move for a while and sorta was also sweating.

So yeah me and dreams don't really mix well but working on it the best I can right now.


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I don't usually remember my dreams, but when I do, they're pretty much always about something that's stressing me out or just something random I'm thinking of. Like last summer when I was trying to find a job, I dreamt of going to a job fair in a giant treehouse where I basically kept getting rejected. Or a few days after Halloween where I dreamt of going to a Saw themed haunted house where you had to play this life sized boardgame to escape, and going the wrong way would result in you getting brutally murdered. 


Dreams are cool and all, but somehow I prefer just not remembering xD 

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