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Favourite Youtuber?


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2 hours ago, SleepyLeoulf said:

Mine are and they're not in order: Scream Kiwi, zmashd, Cute Life Hacks, Hatsy, Markiplier, IHasCupqauke, and Meghan Hughes. They are all the most I like to watch but I do have others I adore as well.

Ha! This is the first post mentioning another Youtuber I actually know, lol, I stick mostly to Pewdiepie. But Markiplier is awesome, is love it when he collabs or makes an appearance in a Pewdiepie video.

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I forgot to mention Rachel and Jun! They have several different channels and they are all awesome. One of their channels is more vlog-like, another is an adventure channel where they usually go on different adventures in Japan, and then Jun has an amazing cooking channel. This is them:


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2 hours ago, RepentantSky said:

I mostly watch Youtube for anime and gaming content, so YongYea and Akidearest both come to mind. ReviewTechUSA and Anime America as well.  

Me too, aside from Pewdiepie I watch it for gaming and music. Mostly Tekken gaming channels.

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